Tuesday 26 August 2014

Custom SLI bits for Metro 2033 Redux

UPDATE: SLI bits 0x080410F6 do the the same only modifying two flags over the original ones. Flags 12 and 18.

The problem with reflections is not flickering but a SSR delay of a few frames. I guess the frame number is the number of gpus and maybe is related with "reflections_delay" variable that is into the game executable. That glitch is more visible in fast camera movements, in my case I play with a controller so is barely noticeable and worth the rise in performance.


There are a few spots where SLI scaling is wrong in Metro 2033 Redux. You can fix it using custom SLI bits 0x080F12F5 instead of defautl 0x080000F6.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Metal Gear Rising: Retextureance (and Sega PC Petition)

I preordered Metal Gear Rising on Steam the day it just appeared. And I replayed initial levels a ton of times. I love that game from Platinum and I've started to work in a few textures for it. I don't know if the number of textures will grow over time, and I don't know if it will become a public mod. But ... here are some screenshots of the progress (wip, of course). This time there isn't a Dev Tool to change materials, add new assets and optimize/improve levels, so only exchange of textures and no more.

And I want to echo the petition to Sega that was originated on NeoGAF and has already run half the planet. A petition for more Sega PC ports. Games from Platinum like Bayonetta, Vanquish or sega classics like Virtua Fighter 5. Let's do it.

This is the original thread:

This is the petition link:

If anyone has not yet put their two cents, it's time to do so.