Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crysis 3 MP BETA

Hi, I've tested C3 MP BETA and is awesome. Visually outstanding.

In order to make it easier to configure for people who may have performance issues or artifacts, I created a configuration file for use in the beta.

I have reach locked 60 fps with this config using 2880x1800 resolution without AA and 45-55 fps at 2880x1800 SMAAx1. Lowering resolution to 2400x1500 SMAAx1 I can play at locked 60 fps in both maps. Those framerates are amazing considering how increible the beta is.

2880x1800 screenshots

About graphics, some cvars are unlocked. In this beta I think there are a few effects hidden. This happens because objects and materials used in multiplayer maps have not those effects activated. For example, the new parallax (r_silhouettepom) can be activated but no object has the effect. Or tesselation (now in cvar e_tesselation). In the other hand, now Parallax mapping is not an effect for higher graphics settings, but a effect for all configurations. This is possible because the parallax that crytek introduces in crysis 2 is a new DX11 only effect very optimized. Crysis 3 beta is DX11 game, so "free" parallax for everyone. BETA has parallax in every terrain material and some walls.

If you want to use this config, download autoexec.cfg and copy the file into "Origin\Crysis 3 MP Open Beta" folder. Then use SMAAx1 ingame. Some other AA settings have bugs, and standard MSAA don't work well for vegetation. I hope final version allow AA combinations, some x2 methods for SLI users and fix the mouse input lag.

Dropbox link

Mega link!WYxR0a5R!VfCl1gTSk9Py4_-Stcq-YnWy5DEW8fARmTkXaurp_S0

If you don't use sli and you have 60 to 30 fps performance drops, you need to activate triple buffering through DXOverrider. Download RivaTuner here
install, and then copy DXOverrider folder where you want and uninstall RivaTuner. You will have Triplebuffer enabled if DXOverrider is running when you play the beta.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Screenshots comparisson 2

I just saw that there are two misplaced objects in one screenshot. Are fixed already :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Screenshots comparisson

MaLDoHD 4.0 recommended settings versus Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra settings

(Please, try recommended settings when you play MaLDoHD)