Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Metal Gear Rising: Retextureance (and Sega PC Petition)

I preordered Metal Gear Rising on Steam the day it just appeared. And I replayed initial levels a ton of times. I love that game from Platinum and I've started to work in a few textures for it. I don't know if the number of textures will grow over time, and I don't know if it will become a public mod. But ... here are some screenshots of the progress (wip, of course). This time there isn't a Dev Tool to change materials, add new assets and optimize/improve levels, so only exchange of textures and no more.

And I want to echo the petition to Sega that was originated on NeoGAF and has already run half the planet. A petition for more Sega PC ports. Games from Platinum like Bayonetta, Vanquish or sega classics like Virtua Fighter 5. Let's do it.

This is the original thread:

This is the petition link:

If anyone has not yet put their two cents, it's time to do so.