Sunday, 23 October 2011

Starting again

After a nice relax time, I'm working again in MaLDoHD to complete 3.0c

Some new textures into the new version (shots from editor)

Left -Crytek HD  / Right - MaLDoHD 3.0c

Closer look

New microwave and rear tv

New table

New plaster

Using same texture with same resolution, less color artifacts now

Those decals was incorrectly assigned to the wrong layer  in 3.0

Applied 3.0 texture in the interiors, and new ivy shadows

Friday, 14 October 2011

Thursday, 13 October 2011

For those with problems installing or in config tool

Please, put here your problems as comment. We complete solutions list together.

List of problems / solutions (WIP)

Problem: Some rubble appears white in some levels (and a lot of things missing that I could not notice).
Reason: First version of installer has a typo bug and create an incorrect folder
Solution: You have to download Installer/Config Tool version 3.0b and overwrite exe into your "crysis 2\ mods\MaLDoHDv3" folder and run config tool OR you can search for "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\objects\libray" folder and rename to "library".

Problem: Installer says "Selected path does not appear to be valid." when select crysis 2 path.
Reason: Program look for crysis2.exe into "[selected path]\bin32", so it's possible that you have another name for the crysis 2 main executable.
Solution: Rename to crysis2.exe, launch installer and when installation finish you will can rename to custom name again.

Problem: Message "ERROR - MaLDoHD Mod files don't match as expected" when click OK in Advanced Config.
Reason: Config tool update three things here:
                            - Crysis 2\autoexec.cfg
                            - Crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\config\CVarGroup\ -> all files
                            - Crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\MaLDoHD.cfg
If it finds some permission problem or missing folder, that message appear.
Temporal solution: Download this file Config Tool with Specific Error message and overwrite your setup exe into crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3. Run config and click OK. Then write here your new error message.

Problem: BlackFire TOD and QMod options says "Integration is not available yet"
Reason: Integration is not available yet.
Solution: Wait for 3.0c patch. I don't recommend to use actual versions of BlackFire TOD or QMod because putting a mission0.xml within a level folder, it makes the game use that file instead of the file that is inside .pak so you're playing original levels and not MaLDoHD version with fixes and improvements.

Problem: Installer or Config Tool crashes at launch.
Reason: I don't know. Please put your problem here as comment.
Solution1: Try uninstall and install again .NET Framework 2.0. You can find here .NET Framework 2.0 redistributable
Solution2: You can make a manual installation and configuration with those steps:

       - Copy or move MaLDoHDv3 folder to your "crysis 2\mods\" folder
       - Create a shortcut for "crysis 2\bin32\crysis2.exe" using "-mod MaLDoHDv3" as parameters
       - Download Recommended settings and put into your crysis 2 root folder.

Problem: When I exit first "Road Rage" building, I see a white wall and pillar.
Reason: Is a bug. I accidentally put some older version of some maps and those elements has not material assigned.
Solution: Wait for 3.0c patch.
Known bugs list (thank you Jakub)

- Incorrect effect when shooting coffee glasses in Battery Park
- Wall and pillar without material in Road Rage level start.
-Fire exit doors material transparency seems incorrect. Affect some doors in Warehouse, Hive and Roosevelt levels.
- Bank windows dissappear in Spear cinematic
- Nanosuit trophies dissapear in prism and nanosuit v1 head problem
- Missing material definition for alternative fallen decals in Convoy level
- Too dark aliens in Prism2 when are into shadows

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Installer/Config Tool update 2

This version fixes:

- Distant view reseting value when restart configurator
- Create correct "Library" folder when run as installer
- Rename "Libray" to "Library" if necessary when run as config tool


Download link:  Config Tool 3.0b

I put link in 3.0 version post too.

Config Tool View Distance Fixed

Users have encountered a problem while configuring the viewing distance. Although the view distance applied into the game is the last change applied correctly, when configurator restarts, the value returned to appear as 3. In this new version the bug is fixed: I recommend that before you get those values ​​higher, try playing game a while with recommended settings in config tool. Don't worry about low numbers and enjoy great framerate. Quality is not bad at all because config is balanced.

Problems with mod

It seems that there are many users with problems. Sorry.

I did a clean install with the mod just to make sure there were no problems and I could finish the game twice with no artifacts or flickering textures or lack of it anywhere in the game.

It is difficult for me to retire to "test my work more" because it is tested and I have no such problems. I'm not sure if it's a matter of drivers, graphics cards brand or other problems. I will try to find out but I will need cooperation of the people who do suffer from these problems. Regards.

MaLDoHD 3.0


Download links are down. I can't upload 3.0 again. Don't ask for 3.0 because is dead.

New version available
MaLDoHD 4.0

Let's go

What MaLDoHD 3.0 include:

- Installer
- Config tool with new possibities in graphics, screenshot viewer and mod configurator
- More than 1000 glitches fixed in maps
- Near 1000 textures
- 790 modified material definitions
- Increased performance in recommended settings
- New grab edges in a lot of places
- Link to download unlocked cvars exe for who wants to modify locked graphics cvars used in this mod from console ingame (not necessary)
- An incredible bug that renames Library folder in mod to Libray folder. So you can see awesome white rubble and some other unexpected effects. Read Update 2 if you don't like this feature.


- Crysis 2 Patch 1.9
- Crysis 2 DX11 Update


- Crysis 2 Crytek HD textures update

BlackFire TOD and QMOD by ShonE integration will arrive soon in a patch.

Download link: MaLDoHD 3.0 

UPDATE 2: Instructions: Unrar MaLDoHD3.0 and then overwrite MaLDoHD_C2_Setup.exe with included in the link below before install.

Download link: Config Tool 3.0b

UPDATE 1: If you don't use 3.0b config tool posted above, you have to rename "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\objects\libray" to "library".

If you have problems using installer or config tool, go here Problems/Solutions

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Levels progress 5

- Prism2 75%    \o/

Monday, 3 October 2011

Level progress 4

- Hive 95%
- Prism2 50%

I've lost a lot of time with shadows of dynamic lights "bug". I don't want to call this "a bug" but really it's a shame. Start game, I have shadows. Close game. Start game, I have not shadows. Problem was in forums long time ago and I knew how to see those shadows, but not what activate/deactivate them. Really, it's not a cvar value, and thats why I need to put some time on it. Finally I can use my custom recommended config with Very High values and those shadows on. I think the time has paid off.

Some screenshots trough "Read more"

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Levels progress 3

Two more levels finished. And remaining:

 - Hive 70%
 - Prism2 40%

Prism2 has more work than I expected. It's a big glitch itself XD And I need sleep more than I expected, too. So it can't be ready today. Sorry. New textures shots from last Madison Square modifications trough "Read more".

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Levels progress 2

Only remaining

Hive 70%
MadisonSquare 96%
Prism2 30%
Roosevelt 99%

Lots of fixes: broken shadows, roosevelt lamps are off but lighting, terrain bugs, etc

Some new shots thought 'read more'

Monday, 26 September 2011

Levels progress

Config utility and installer completed


       ListaNiveles.Add("AlienVessel") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("BatteryPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("BryantPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("CentralPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("CentralStation") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Cityhall") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Convoy") '98% (new white bricks parallax plane, wall plants?)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Downtown") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("FDR") '100% (test forcing some big textures loads into memory creating invisible objects at some points)
        ListaNiveles.Add("FloodedStreets") '80%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Hive") '70% (search cracked street borders in other level)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Intro") '100% (only marines texture - v3masked)
        ListaNiveles.Add("MadisonSquare") '90% (sniper zone, alter notes debris, delete some ammo crates?, poly rocks in precipice - less tess)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Prism") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Prism2") '30% (wtf tesselated asphalt, flickering bridge, distant buildings?)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Roosevelt") '99% (some more planes with farnightbuilding texture, tesselated rocks in water from convoy intro)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Spear") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Terminal") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("TimesSquare") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Warehouse") '100% (test e_viewdistratio, performance starting level with ai portals)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

More shots

It is being really hard.

All screenshots from editor versus DX11 Ultra with 'Crytek HD texture pak'.

More through "Read more"

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Actual progress / Progreso actual

Almost finished one of the two remaining levels.
-10% of "Reduced Tessellation" option
-Edited texture for first person model of Alcatraz in the intro submarine.
-Almost finished texture for green ground leaves
-Edited texture for the nanosuit in the showcases at the "Prism" level.
... and some other things


-Casi terminado uno de los dos niveles que quedan.
-10% del modo "Teselación reducida"
-Textura editada en el modelo en primera persona de Alcatraz en el submarino.
-Textura editada para las hojas verdes del suelo.
-Textura editada para el nanosuit de las vitrinas en el nivel "Prism"
... y alguna cosilla más

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Configurator utility first look and final clarification about Tesselation / Primer vistazo al configurador y aclaración final sobre la teselación

Yesterday I was naive thinking that these pictures would make it absolutely clear my position on the tessellation. Whenever there are discrepancies between two fan masses, will be trouble.

It certainly was not my intention to open a new battle AMD vs NVIDIA. Therefore, as the message was again in the background, and any attempt to return to it was misinterpreted as an attack on AMD, I will leave for the last time my opinion clear on the subject of the tessellation. And this time I have to write XD

-I like tesselation like any other graphic effect that I know will improve with time.

-Crysis 2 does not use models with more detail. Simply use models with more subdivisions and complete with textures as displacement maps to relocate these subdivisions. It is not the traditional way of using tessellation, which includes more detailed models that replace the originals in short distances.

-These new subdivisions are evenly distributed by the model, when the best way would be to increase the density only in areas that appear rougher.

-An absurdly high number of surfaces and objects have incorrectly applied tessellation. I have tried to solve them in mod all as you can see in previous posts screenshots.

-There tessellation applied in places where it is not needed.

-The tessellation is very hardware demanding, especially when hardware is already stressed with other things.

Is it clear, isn't? So what was my intention in the post yesterday? That although all of the above is true, so is true that:

-The tessellation is highly optimized in CryEngine 3. If not, the excessive number of subdivisions will destroy any card more pronounced.

-If it's possible to have a high enough performance playing on "Very High" with the tessellation on, is that in fact, tessellation is not the number one performance enemy. Running game on ultra apply many effects that affect performance as much or even more than tesselation, which are far more subtle to visual quality. Period.

Anyone who wants to see here an attack to AMD or defense to Crytek or Nvidia, is in the wrong place.

And now the important things. What I can do these days apart from reading comments nip hurry? Click in "Read More"


Fui un ingenuo ayer pensando que con esas imágenes iba a dejar totalmente clara mi postura sobre la teselación. Siempre que haya discrepancias entre dos masas de seguidores, habrá jaleo. Sea esa la intención inicial o no.

Desde luego no era mi intención abrir una nueva batalla AMD vs NVIDIA. Por eso, como el mensaje volvió a quedar en segundo plano, y cualquier intento de volver a él se malinterpretó como un ataque a AMD, voy a dejar por última vez clara mi opinión sobre el tema de la teselación, y esta vez no me libro de escribir XD

-Me gusta la teselación igual que cualquier otro efecto gráfico que sé que irá mejorando con el tiempo.

-Crysis 2 no usa modelos con más detalle. Sencillamente usa modelos con más subdivisiones y los completa con texturas como mapas de desplazamiento para recolocar esas subdivisiones. No es el modo tradicional de usar teselación, que incluye modelos con más detalle que sustituyen a los originales en las distancias cortas.

-Estas nuevas subdivisiones de distribuyen de forma uniforme por el modelo, cuando el mejor modo sería aumentar la densidad solo en las zonas en que aparecerá mayor rugosidad.

-Muchísimas superfícies y objetos tienen aplicada la teselación incorrectamente. He intentando solucionarlos todos en el mod como podeis ver en capturas de post anteriores.

-Hay aplicada teselación en lugares donde no es necesario.

-La teselación es un efecto muy exigente con el hardware, sobretodo cuando el hardware ya está estresado con otras muchas cosas.

¿Está claro, no?

Entonces, ¿Cuál era mi intención en el post de ayer?

Pues demostrar que aunque todo lo de arriba es cierto, también lo es que:

-La teselación en Cryengine 3 está muy optimizada. De no estarlo, la cantidad de subdivisiones que muestra destrozaría cualquier tarjeta de forma más acusada.

-Si es posible tener un rendimiento suficientemente alto jugando en "Muy Alto" con la teselación activada, es que en realidad, la teselación no es el enemigo número uno contra el rendimiento. Poner el juego en ultra aplica muchísimos efectos que afectan al rendimiento tanto o incluso más que la teselación y que son mucho más sutiles a la calidad visual. Period.

Cualquiera que quiera ver aquí un ataque a AMD o una defensa injustificada a Crytek o Nvidia, se está equivocando de lugar.

Y ahora las cosas importantes. ¿Qué he estado haciendo estos días aparte de leer comentarios de gente metiéndome prisa? Pincha en "Read more"

Monday, 12 September 2011

Tesselation myth in Crysis 2 / El mito de la teselación en Crysis 2

Muchos me han instado a solucionar los problemas de rendimiento causados por la teselación que se habían "descubierto" en unas páginas de análisis técnico.

Yo no estaba en absoluto de acuerdo con los análisis que esas páginas habían realizado, y mucho menos con el revuelo que dichos análisis habían causado en la comunidad de Crysis 2.

He estado varios días preparando un montón de imágenes desde el editor del juego. Imágenes con diversas opciones activadas, con el conteo de polígonos, de frames por segundo, activando y desactivando la vista de malla y usando el modo debug de la teselación para resaltar en color rojo las mallas teseladas. Jugando hasta el límite con las variables de distancia de teselado y de tamaño de triángulo.

Al final, tenía tantas imágenes que creo que el mensaje iba a quedar diluido. Además mi inglés no es suficiente para plasmar todas las conclusiones que se deducían de las pruebas. Necesitaba algo simple, como aquella imagen de la malla del agua por debajo del suelo. Esa imagen, aunque se utilizó para sacar conclusiones incorrectas, hizo muy bien su cometido de publicidad directa.

Esta mañana he sacado unas pocas capturas que resumen a la perfección lo que quería explicar sobre la teselación. Con ellas, sobran las palabras. Son del juego. Del juego, no del editor.


Many have urged me to solve performance problems caused by tesselation. Those problems had been "discovered" in a few sites of technical analysis.

I was not at all agree with the analysis that those sites had been made, much less the hype that these tests had caused in the Crysis 2 community.

I spent several days preparing a bunch of screenshots from the editor. Screenshots with different options enabled, polygon count, frames per second, turning on mesh view and using the tesselation debug mode to highlight in red the tessellated meshes. Playing to the limit with tesselation distance and tessellation triangle size cvars.

In the end, I had so many images that I think the message would be diluted. Also, my English is not enough to capture all the conclusions deduced from the evidence. I needed something simple, like that screenshot of the ocean mesh below the ground. That screenshot, though it used to draw incorrect conclusions in some sites, did very well its role of direct and simple message.

This morning I got a few shots that perfectly summarized what I wanted to explain about the tessellation. With them I don't need words. Are game screenshots. Pure game, are not from editor.

Intel Xeon 3540 + DFI UT X58 + 6 GB 1600 Mhz + 480GTX without oc (only one gpu for test)

NOTA: En el momento de hacer las imágenes he visto la caída de rendimiento al poner los shaders en extremo (necesarios para activar el parallax mapping), así que después de hacerlas he estado toqueteando un poco y he conseguido activar el parallax sin casi perder rendimiento.


NOTE: At the time of making screenshots I saw the performance drop with extreme shaders (needed to enable parallax mapping), so then I've been tweaking with them a bit and I managed to activate parallax mapping almost no performance loss.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

2 levels to go / 2 niveles para acabar

I'm doing some basic cvar control into config utility too... tutti frutti shots with some new and most 2.0 textures with some tweaks. Screenshots from game and not editor, so they are sharper than the last showed.


También estoy poniendo un control básico de 2 o tres comandos dentro de la utilidad de configuración del mod.... y tutti frutti de capturas con algunas nuevas y la mayoría pequeños ajustes en texturas de la 2.0. Las capturas son desde el juego, y no desde el editor, así que son más nítidas que las que he ido poniendo últimamente.

Monday, 5 September 2011

New portable generator and graffitis

"Read more" jump to see screenshots / Salto en "Read more" para ver las capturas

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

News / Novedades

Someone has said in comments that he needs a release date. It really is a good thing when you're doing something, to have a release date. I am developer, and the task of calculating this date is difficult but necessary. The difference between calculating a release date in my job and to do for the mod, is that the available hours at work are a fact, but available hours for the mod are .... a mystery (Scooby, where are you?). Last week should have been the week that I would finish it, but I could only spend four hours. And at night with the baby in my arms. These are not the optimal conditions XD

What I can do is to show my progress. Right now only 3 levels to complete. I also made a basic installer to make things easier for many people. And a configurator, because I am in contact with BlackFire to activate or deactivate their TOD modifications (time of day / tilt of the sun) on the maps. Both simplified to the maximum and moving only strictly necessary files.

Some shots to show you what I spend free time. Click on "Read more".


Alguien ha dicho en los comentarios que necesita una fecha de lanzamiento. Realmente es bueno cuando estás haciendo algo, tener una fecha de lanzamiento. Soy desarrollador, y la tarea de calcular esa fecha es difícil pero necesaria. La diferencia entre calcular una fecha de lanzamiento en mi trabajo y hacerlo con el mod, es que las horas disponibles en el trabajo son un dato conocido, pero las horas disponibles para el mod son .... un misterio (Scooby, where are you?). La semana pasada, que debería haber sido la semana en que iba a terminarlo, solo pude dedicarle cuatro horas. De noche con el bebé en brazos. No son las condiciones óptimas XD

Lo que sí puedo hacer es comentar los progresos. Ahora mismo solo me faltan 3 niveles por completar. He hecho también un instalador básico que facilitará las cosas a mucha gente. Y un configurador, porque estoy en contacto con BlackFire para poder activar o desactivar sus modificaciones de TOD (hora del día/inclinación del sol) en los mapas. Ambos simplificados al máximo y moviendo los archivos estrictamente necesarios.

Unas capturillas para mostraros a qué dedico el tiempo libre. Pincha en "Read more".

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A few more examples from "Road Rage" / Algunos ejemplos más de "Furia al volante"

Click "Read more" to see them.


Pincha en "Read more" para verlos.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Only a few days more / Solo unos días más

I need a few days more because I spent two weeks traveling with the family for vacation. Something so predictable that had not taken into account, my head is not enough for more. Anyway, I have finished 10 of 19 levels.

I took a few screenshots to illustrate the kind of glitches which I referred in the previous post. I lost count of the hundreds of them I have already fixed.

Click "Read more" to see screenshots.


Voy a necesitar algunos días más pues he estado dos semanas de viaje con la familia por vacaciones. Algo tan predecible y que no había tenido en cuenta, mi cabeza no da para más. Aún así, ya tengo terminados 10 de los 19 niveles.

He tomado unas cuantas capturas para ilustrar el tipo de fixes a los que me refería en la entrada anterior. Perdí la cuenta de los cientos de ellos que ya he arreglado.

Pincha en "Read more" para ver las imágenes.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Progress / Progreso

Although it may seem, I have not run off with the money. As I explained in another post, we moved to a new house and has been quite exhausting. I've been a week without the pc and when I finally "move it", crash 5 days later. Although finally detected the problem in one of the motherboard sata controllers for a few days I thought I had lost the SSD with the operating system and the progress of the mod. Another delay to add. And then the milk bottle feeds for the new son that cause sleep to be reduced and less free time.

After the tears, the good news. The mod is going well. Textures and materials are 80% and 5 of the 19 levels are finished. The issue of levels may not be to everyone's liking, as it is delaying the new version of the mod for changes that many people may not feel are necessary. But since I started, I finish them all. These are just small adjustments in position and arrangements of objects, decals and textures misaligned or flickering, but a lot time consuming. The Road Rage level I will have solved more than 200 of these small problems. Being optimistic, in about 10 days I think I could have ready the levels I have left and put at your disposal the mod.


Aunque pudiera parecerlo, no me he fugado con el dinero. Como expliqué en otra entrada, nos hemos mudado de casa y ha sido bastante agotador. He estado una semana sin el pc y cuando por fin pude "mudarlo" me duró 5 días. Aunque finalmente detecté el problema en una de las controladoras de la placa pensé durante unos días que había perdido el disco SSD con el sistema operativo y los progresos del mod. Otro retraso a añadir. Y luego las tomas de biberón del nuevo retoño que hacen que las horas de sueño se reduzcan y el tiempo libre mucho más.

Después de los lloros, las buenas noticias. El mod va viento en popa. Texturas y materiales están al 80% y 5 de los 19 niveles ya los tengo listos. El tema de los niveles quizá no sea del agrado de todos, pues está retrasando la nueva versión del mod por cambios que quizá mucha gente no crea necesarios. Pero ya que me puse, quiero terminarlos todos. Son solo pequeños ajustes y arreglos en posición de objetos, decals y texturas mal alineadas o con flickering, pero llevan mucho tiempo. En el nivel "Furia al volante" habré solucionado más de 200 de estos pequeños problemas. Siendo optimista, en unos 10 días creo que podría tener listos los niveles que me quedan y poner a vuestra disposición el mod.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thanks ELP3 / Gracias ELP3

The promise of buying a 480 with the donations was an obligation and this has been done. I guess between now and tomorrow gpu will be at home. But there are people that far exceeds the expectations of generosity. More than 20 people have been able to donate money to a 480, but in the meantimesomeone else has gone his own way. ELP3 from noticias3d forum, a hardware guru able to squeeze the most of any component, had nothing to do but give me a 480 SOC edition. Gpu arrived yesterday and from here my heartfelt gratitude.


La promesa de comprar una 480 con las donaciones era una obligación y así se ha hecho. Supongo que entre hoy o mañana estará la tarjeta en casa. Pero hay gente que supera de largo las expectativas de generosidad. Más de 20 personas han conseguido donar dinero para una 480, pero mientras tanto otra persona ha seguido su propio camino. ELP3 del foro de noticias3d, un gurú del hardware capaz de exprimir al máximo cualquier componente, no tenía otra cosa que hacer que regalarme una 480 SOC. La tarjeta llegó ayer y desde aquí mi más sincero agradecimiento.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thanks for donations / Gracias por las donaciones

It was fantastic. In a week you have donated 230 euros and therefore 480GTX is already ordered and in transit. When gpu arrives and I mount pc in the new house, I'll start mod with DX11 compatibility. Thank you very much to donators.

Screenshot of yellow newspaper machine (WIP). Click to see it at original size.


Ha sido fantástico. En una semana habéis donado 230 euros y por tanto, la tarjeta ya está pedida y de camino. Cuando llegue y haya montado el pc en la casa nueva, me pondré con la compatibilidad DX11 del mod. Muchas gracias a los que han donado.

Captura de la máquina de periódicos amarilla (sin terminar). Pincha para verla en tamaño original.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Donate button for DX11 gpu / Botón de donaciones para una tarjeta gráfica DX11

Currently had no intention of buying a new graphics card but it is the only way to make a complete and tested mod for DX11. When donations reach the 480GTX gpu price on ebay I will remove buttons.


Actualmente no tenía intención de comprar una nueva tarjeta gráfica pero es la única forma de poder hacer una versión completa y probada del mod para DX11. Cuando las donaciones alcancen el precio de una tarjeta 480GTX en ebay quitaré los botones.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Version 2.0

-Unrar inside "crysis 2\MODS"
-Select mod in game menu

Material mtl files can't be used for both DX9 and DX11, so I have to make 2 versions of mod (DX9 and DX11).

-Descomprimir dentro de la carpeta "Crysis 2\Mods"
-Seleccionar el mod desde el menú del juego

Los ficheros de material .mtl no se pueden usar para DX9 y DX11 al mismo tiempo, así que tendré que hacer 2 versiones del mod  (DX9 y DX11).


Crytek HD patch vs MaLDoHD mod

Original graffitis sticks over holes / Los graffitis originales se aguantan en los agujeros

New waterline wall / Nueva pared del puerto

Adjusted value for stone tiles and fallen leaves / Ajustados valores del suelo de losas y las hojas

New street crack decals and earth cliffs / Nuevo decal para el asfalto roto y para los barrancos de tierra

Another new graffiti / Otro graffiti nuevo

Some old textures adjusted / Algunas antiguas ajustadas

New suji desk / Nuevo mostrador de suji

Blade runner is everywhere

Next texture preview / Previo de la siguiente textura