Tuesday, 26 February 2013

HyperThreading and real custom graphics Tool

First of all, I want to note that multithreading optimization in Crysis 3 is awesome. Asaid famous ropes, enabling HyperThreading makes a significant difference in performance. If you see some different shadows in those screenshots is because moving clouds shadows. I've tested three times, indeed.

So, if you have a cpu with HT, activate it to play Crysis 3 because this is one of the first games that makes it worth having a i7.

And now, the big thing.

I spent a few days preparing a setup application for Crysis 3. And it was quite finished

The idea is very similar to Crytek CVAR Tool, but using slide bars, and most important, some kind of autodetect optimal cvars config after user enter his computer components.

Surely many of you are familiar with the look because it resembles the configurator into MaLDoHD for Crysis 2. And like mod configurator, hovering mouse for each command draws some text with description / help.

While writing the heap of help lines describing each option and giving recommendations for each command, I realized that perhaps this type of tool is not what the players need. So I think twice about what is more important.

Finally I decided to make some custom .cfg files to get graphic customization on the fly. What is it? I binded a few keys to some functions and graphics presets. Those are the keys:

  • O Hide HUD (Maybe you want to take some beautiful screenshots)
  • P Show HUD (Maybe you want to locate enemies after taking screenshots :P)
  • I  Modify weapon FOV (Crysis 3 resets weapon FOV after every respawn)
  • 6 Reload low quality preset
  • 7 Reload recommended quality preset
  • 8 Reload ultra quality preset
  • 9 Activate normal Depth of field
  • 0 Activate ultra Depth of field (Bokeh filter in far distance but no weapon DOF and no radial DOF while aimimg)

Low, recommended and Ultra presets are customized presets I've created. Recommended is the preset I use. So, gamers that don't want to mess with cvars or config tools can select one of three and modify quality pressing one key while playing. Lowering if they have low performance or rising quality if you have enough powerhorse. You don't have to pause the game at all, no more menus!

Funny thing is if you are a gamer that wants more customization level, you can edit those presets or create new ones and bind all the keys you need (your keyboard is your limit).

What's the problem?

Crysis 3 have some of the cvars I use locked, so you can't use it now. But I've created a modified Crysis 3 executable that allow all those things. Now I only need the approval of Crytek / EA to upload.this "On the fly Config Tool". If you want this, you can help me supporting it in mycrysis forums or wherever you may.

mycrysis post link

Thank you!

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Performance bug in Crysis 3 first level

EDIT: Oh man, this post views number is nearly outnumber MaLDoHD 4.0 final version post. This post is fine but my mod is better than a Crysis 3 bug. So, for you that don't know what MaLDoHD is, try my mod for Crysis 2 :p

EDIT2: I find a configuration to play first level with stable framerate so I've tested next levels. SLI bits posted here was fine for first level but 0x000040F5 is better for next levels. I'm working in a new autoexec.


I am a maniac with the concept of "perfect experience". I can park two years a game I like if I think I can't enjoy it as it deserves. Sometimes it is due to lack of power, sometimes for lack of a patch that fixes a problem.

The first level of Crysis 3 has performance issues. Everyone has reported on the forums. Although I also know that next levels do not have this problem (do not know if they have others) I have preferred to find out what happens in the first level. I have also seen that the SLI profile in nvidia beta drivers that considerably improved performance for the multiplayer beta, does not perform as well in the final game. It's far better using 0x0C0320F5 value (at least in my case). I've been testing with unlocked cvars but did not draw anything conclusive. It is unfortunate that only a few are unlocked and although I could make the game detects a mod folder, it doesn't use the presets inside the "mods\modname\c3\CVarGroups" folder.

I have read people saying performance issues of the first level are a problem with glass windows, but it is a coincidence. The real problem are the moving ropes. Sounds weird, right?

Please Crytek, fix it.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Screenshots from final version

New maple leaf texture (4Kx4K in normal mode and 2Kx2K in reduced texture mode)
Changed trunk texture for other trees.
New texture for medical bin.
Added dirt layer to metal doors.
Modified spec values for rubble terrain material.
Changed bricks for castle columns.