Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Some new and old screenshots

Hi, obviously screenshots from editor don't have very high quality but doesn't matter.

Some comparisson screenshots and some of the type of visual glitches that I fix. A lot of them are old (included in previous MaLDoHD) but interesting anyway. I've found them into screenshots folder and I had never posted. All original screenshots are with crytek HD textures activated.

The floating shadow. I hate those things. Fixed. 

Textures and decals work. Objects reposition.

Original tracks only for comparisson. Screenshots to show new soil decals between the rails.

I think never showed detail bump and tesselated screws (with no more polygons) in those barriers.

Rumble texture from the first picture taken with my new camera. Both textures has same resolution (1024x1024).

Parallax in containers floor.

Some examples of visual glitches.

Clipping in paths and rivers.

Fixed in MaLDoHD

New material using same diffuse map (1024x1024) but creating a new bump map and new displacement map. The original diffuse map (from picture) has shadows. The cargo use the texture with the wrong orientation (sun is in the shadowed side) and the original bumpmap was created directly from the diffuse map with shadows, so bumpmap is incorrect and low res too. I have created a new intermediate texture from diffuse but without shadows and correct height detail and then I create a new bumpmap and displacement from that texture. Added parallax in cargo details too (the yellow thing). 

The new trash texture in Bryan Park. Maybe I will add parallax.

Some comparisson from Madison Square level.

UltraHD version of original fallen leaves (1024 -> 2048). Editor screenshot quality isn't good enough to fair comparisson.

Shadows added in some places.

More glitches that are fixed. Black mistery.

Impossible graffiti. 

Floating decals

Objects clipping.

Incorrect tesselation and parallax.

Incorrect decal projection.

Mesh and paths clipping.

Floating or sunken cars.

Plain buildings.

Magic oil.

Hungry bricks.

Moving grass into stone.

New stone wall texture.