Thursday, 9 August 2012

... 99,6%

Several levels are already at 100%. For example, downtown has required about 200 additional fixes to solve and now is very difficult to find new problems XD When I loaded the original map to make comparative screenshots I've taken some screenshots of common bugs.

I have 3 new round manholes (I love them), I bring a showcase of manhole covers. All original first and then all of mine. The one with stones around is for stone roads.

I also tweaked a bit the green metal container (3.0 version only has hires signs). Created bumb and displacement for burnt asphalt decal. Tombstones in the catacombs and some other things.

I have a new giant graffiti I'm thinking where to put. It took a lot compose pictures and cut all the pieces. So far I've stuck on the first wall of downtown. On that wall I've tested a new bricks texture that I like, I use a purple tinted specular layer. This bricks texture is the first candidate for common bricks in all levels. But VRAM is my enemy now.

I have a little graffiti tag, I need help to decide which (if there is one that is not horrible) is better. Last shot.

Screenshots from editor. 

The 6 six original manholes

The new darling

A few of very common glitches

Purple tinted specular