Sunday, 23 October 2011

Starting again

After a nice relax time, I'm working again in MaLDoHD to complete 3.0c

Some new textures into the new version (shots from editor)

Left -Crytek HD  / Right - MaLDoHD 3.0c

Closer look

New microwave and rear tv

New table

New plaster

Using same texture with same resolution, less color artifacts now

Those decals was incorrectly assigned to the wrong layer  in 3.0

Applied 3.0 texture in the interiors, and new ivy shadows

Friday, 14 October 2011

Thursday, 13 October 2011

For those with problems installing or in config tool

Please, put here your problems as comment. We complete solutions list together.

List of problems / solutions (WIP)

Problem: Some rubble appears white in some levels (and a lot of things missing that I could not notice).
Reason: First version of installer has a typo bug and create an incorrect folder
Solution: You have to download Installer/Config Tool version 3.0b and overwrite exe into your "crysis 2\ mods\MaLDoHDv3" folder and run config tool OR you can search for "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\objects\libray" folder and rename to "library".

Problem: Installer says "Selected path does not appear to be valid." when select crysis 2 path.
Reason: Program look for crysis2.exe into "[selected path]\bin32", so it's possible that you have another name for the crysis 2 main executable.
Solution: Rename to crysis2.exe, launch installer and when installation finish you will can rename to custom name again.

Problem: Message "ERROR - MaLDoHD Mod files don't match as expected" when click OK in Advanced Config.
Reason: Config tool update three things here:
                            - Crysis 2\autoexec.cfg
                            - Crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\config\CVarGroup\ -> all files
                            - Crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\MaLDoHD.cfg
If it finds some permission problem or missing folder, that message appear.
Temporal solution: Download this file Config Tool with Specific Error message and overwrite your setup exe into crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3. Run config and click OK. Then write here your new error message.

Problem: BlackFire TOD and QMod options says "Integration is not available yet"
Reason: Integration is not available yet.
Solution: Wait for 3.0c patch. I don't recommend to use actual versions of BlackFire TOD or QMod because putting a mission0.xml within a level folder, it makes the game use that file instead of the file that is inside .pak so you're playing original levels and not MaLDoHD version with fixes and improvements.

Problem: Installer or Config Tool crashes at launch.
Reason: I don't know. Please put your problem here as comment.
Solution1: Try uninstall and install again .NET Framework 2.0. You can find here .NET Framework 2.0 redistributable
Solution2: You can make a manual installation and configuration with those steps:

       - Copy or move MaLDoHDv3 folder to your "crysis 2\mods\" folder
       - Create a shortcut for "crysis 2\bin32\crysis2.exe" using "-mod MaLDoHDv3" as parameters
       - Download Recommended settings and put into your crysis 2 root folder.

Problem: When I exit first "Road Rage" building, I see a white wall and pillar.
Reason: Is a bug. I accidentally put some older version of some maps and those elements has not material assigned.
Solution: Wait for 3.0c patch.
Known bugs list (thank you Jakub)

- Incorrect effect when shooting coffee glasses in Battery Park
- Wall and pillar without material in Road Rage level start.
-Fire exit doors material transparency seems incorrect. Affect some doors in Warehouse, Hive and Roosevelt levels.
- Bank windows dissappear in Spear cinematic
- Nanosuit trophies dissapear in prism and nanosuit v1 head problem
- Missing material definition for alternative fallen decals in Convoy level
- Too dark aliens in Prism2 when are into shadows

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Installer/Config Tool update 2

This version fixes:

- Distant view reseting value when restart configurator
- Create correct "Library" folder when run as installer
- Rename "Libray" to "Library" if necessary when run as config tool


Download link:  Config Tool 3.0b

I put link in 3.0 version post too.

Config Tool View Distance Fixed

Users have encountered a problem while configuring the viewing distance. Although the view distance applied into the game is the last change applied correctly, when configurator restarts, the value returned to appear as 3. In this new version the bug is fixed: I recommend that before you get those values ​​higher, try playing game a while with recommended settings in config tool. Don't worry about low numbers and enjoy great framerate. Quality is not bad at all because config is balanced.

Problems with mod

It seems that there are many users with problems. Sorry.

I did a clean install with the mod just to make sure there were no problems and I could finish the game twice with no artifacts or flickering textures or lack of it anywhere in the game.

It is difficult for me to retire to "test my work more" because it is tested and I have no such problems. I'm not sure if it's a matter of drivers, graphics cards brand or other problems. I will try to find out but I will need cooperation of the people who do suffer from these problems. Regards.

MaLDoHD 3.0


Download links are down. I can't upload 3.0 again. Don't ask for 3.0 because is dead.

New version available
MaLDoHD 4.0

Let's go

What MaLDoHD 3.0 include:

- Installer
- Config tool with new possibities in graphics, screenshot viewer and mod configurator
- More than 1000 glitches fixed in maps
- Near 1000 textures
- 790 modified material definitions
- Increased performance in recommended settings
- New grab edges in a lot of places
- Link to download unlocked cvars exe for who wants to modify locked graphics cvars used in this mod from console ingame (not necessary)
- An incredible bug that renames Library folder in mod to Libray folder. So you can see awesome white rubble and some other unexpected effects. Read Update 2 if you don't like this feature.


- Crysis 2 Patch 1.9
- Crysis 2 DX11 Update


- Crysis 2 Crytek HD textures update

BlackFire TOD and QMOD by ShonE integration will arrive soon in a patch.

Download link: MaLDoHD 3.0 

UPDATE 2: Instructions: Unrar MaLDoHD3.0 and then overwrite MaLDoHD_C2_Setup.exe with included in the link below before install.

Download link: Config Tool 3.0b

UPDATE 1: If you don't use 3.0b config tool posted above, you have to rename "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\gamecrysis2\objects\libray" to "library".

If you have problems using installer or config tool, go here Problems/Solutions

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Levels progress 5

- Prism2 75%    \o/

Monday, 3 October 2011

Level progress 4

- Hive 95%
- Prism2 50%

I've lost a lot of time with shadows of dynamic lights "bug". I don't want to call this "a bug" but really it's a shame. Start game, I have shadows. Close game. Start game, I have not shadows. Problem was in forums long time ago and I knew how to see those shadows, but not what activate/deactivate them. Really, it's not a cvar value, and thats why I need to put some time on it. Finally I can use my custom recommended config with Very High values and those shadows on. I think the time has paid off.

Some screenshots trough "Read more"