Friday, 27 May 2011

May 27 Textures (some WIP) / Texturas del 27 de Mayo (algunas WIP)

I hope not to get in legal trouble for the logos of the wonderful NY police and armed forces.

Espero no meterme en problemas legales por los logotipos de la maravillosa policía de NY y las fuerzas armadas.


  1. Impresionante trabajo, felicitaciones!!!
    A los de Crytek deberia caerseles la cara de verguenza.
    Ojala pronto publiques un pack completo.

  2. Great job MaLDo! I can't wait to play this again all thanks to you!

  3. Hello dude, I just wanted to say I'm your work is very impressive since the start on InCrysis, I wanted to congratulate you for your great work on the textures, you restore the graphics in this game deserve it...

  4. Impressive.
    Cleary a major improvement over vanilla textures !

    If i can ask, do you think it's possible to add some lite bump and specular map on those distant building to add even more details ?

  5. Una beta del mod ya amigo!! para ir probandoo... ;)

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