Tuesday, 19 June 2012

... 96,5%

Work in progress at noon


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandparents died in 2009, I will always miss them.

    Anyways, im deliberately holding off on my crysis 2 play through until you are all done with the mod (release another download package)

    When we create the download links for maldo textures 4.0, create a torrent one too soo we don't have to depend on sites that either throttle our downloads, or sites that go under like megauploads

    Thanks for your hard work! Amazing skills

  2. Loving the quick updates!
    I can get my fix!
    The trenches look great. I seems like it would be a tricky thing to get consistency with.
    The leaves are a really nice detail too.
    I hope you're keeping well and thanks for everything!

  3. Looks amazing -that earth looks perfect! Can't wait to look at your work in game again Maldo!