Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crysis 3 MP BETA

Hi, I've tested C3 MP BETA and is awesome. Visually outstanding.

In order to make it easier to configure for people who may have performance issues or artifacts, I created a configuration file for use in the beta.

I have reach locked 60 fps with this config using 2880x1800 resolution without AA and 45-55 fps at 2880x1800 SMAAx1. Lowering resolution to 2400x1500 SMAAx1 I can play at locked 60 fps in both maps. Those framerates are amazing considering how increible the beta is.

2880x1800 screenshots

About graphics, some cvars are unlocked. In this beta I think there are a few effects hidden. This happens because objects and materials used in multiplayer maps have not those effects activated. For example, the new parallax (r_silhouettepom) can be activated but no object has the effect. Or tesselation (now in cvar e_tesselation). In the other hand, now Parallax mapping is not an effect for higher graphics settings, but a effect for all configurations. This is possible because the parallax that crytek introduces in crysis 2 is a new DX11 only effect very optimized. Crysis 3 beta is DX11 game, so "free" parallax for everyone. BETA has parallax in every terrain material and some walls.

If you want to use this config, download autoexec.cfg and copy the file into "Origin\Crysis 3 MP Open Beta" folder. Then use SMAAx1 ingame. Some other AA settings have bugs, and standard MSAA don't work well for vegetation. I hope final version allow AA combinations, some x2 methods for SLI users and fix the mouse input lag.

Dropbox link

Mega link!WYxR0a5R!VfCl1gTSk9Py4_-Stcq-YnWy5DEW8fARmTkXaurp_S0

If you don't use sli and you have 60 to 30 fps performance drops, you need to activate triple buffering through DXOverrider. Download RivaTuner here
install, and then copy DXOverrider folder where you want and uninstall RivaTuner. You will have Triplebuffer enabled if DXOverrider is running when you play the beta.


  1. I agree, thanks for the download link!

    Any updates on 4.0? At the very least, a fix for the Semper Fi (Madison Square) mission would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. AMD catalyst based on dotNET framework and VC++ and you talk about just nVIDIA and screenshots captured by 2xHD6870 are better than your pics buddy ...

    1. Congratulations! What's your framerate at 2880x1800 resolution?

  3. What will this do for a GTX 580 user?

  4. Damn, for a second I thought the 4 final is finally here. :(

  5. Hey Maldo!
    First, thanks for your hard work!
    Do you think I can use your setting with a single GTX 680 (The OC version from ASUS with 1201Mhz boost clock) and a i7-3930K OC'd to 4,5GHZ? I cannot try by myself right now...

    1. Of course. Use my config and DXOverrider.

  6. Does this scale well with crossfire?

    1. I meant - Does this game scale well with crossfire?

  7. Great config, Maldo! Gave me a good 10fps boost. Too bad the multiplayer is so fast-paced, I barely have any time to look around! Unfortunately, because this game is so CPU-intensive, my framerate stays around 40-45 with drops to 30 even with your config. i3-2100 / HD 6870 / 1440x900

    Wondering if it's possible to put some Crysis 3 features into 4.0 Final? My first choice would be no crosshairs - makes the game much more immersive in my eyes.

  8. Meh, I was in the Alpha and they dumbed this game down HARD from C2's MP before it was broken.
    And they pretty much said that they have no intention other than to make the game more accessible so new people don't get mad and quit playing the game because they suck. (Really they think THAT was the reason why C2's MP completely died. If they actually think that, they are Naive)

    C2 died from a million issues
    -Poor Netcode
    -Inaccurate Kill Cams
    -Server issues
    -Server issues with Orbital Strikes that lagged everyone on the server
    -No Anti-Cheat other than locking game files (which caused grief for SP people looking to tweak the game)
    -When anti-cheat implemented , was incredibly poor
    -game was RAMPANT with cheaters
    -No Vote kick
    -When vote kick finally implemented it's done in a barbaric way that hardly ANYONE understood at ALL. I would spend 15+ minutes explaining to people HOW to vote using the console
    -Completely broke the balance of the game with uneccessary changes instead of JUST fixing what was ACTUALLY un-balanced. Like the K-Volt
    -To that note they listened to whiners when making said balance changes leading to
    -changed match lengths/score limits that were counter intuitive to the way the game was designed to play and the way the maps were designed. After they changed it the matches became too long and poorly paced compared to the brisk and near perfect pace before
    -Basically ZERO documentation on how game mechanics REALLY worked and basic strategies. Not even the god damn game manual had any information on how the game mechanics worked if they had done THIS instead of dumbing C3's MP down it would've actually been a GREAT thing.
    People who understood and spent time understanding C2's very full depth game mechanics were the ones who became very good and became sources of Noob not getting insta gratification because they can't play the game with no knowledge and no experience and do MEGA WELL.

    Crytek after all is going after the CoD camp of fans! it's gotta be accessible instead of creating more intuitive documentation for your god damn game and it's mechanics.

    1. I actually agree with this rant :-) *high five*

  9. Hi MaLDo. Thanks for the config. It gave me an extra 10-15 fps but what actually does ? because I cant see the difference in visuals therms.

  10. february 3rd and still no release? this is bullshit....

  11. He means the maldohd 4.0 final release dumbass.. well the crysis 3 is out this month, i dont think you should waste more time modding this crysis2 since it takes you too long to fix & finalize the 4.0 version. :(

    1. That is an assumption. In fact more than one assumption.

  12. Where is the ultimate crysis 2 mod???
    I can´t wait longer.

  13. C3 looks far better then C2 (even with mod).
    For playing I luckily do not need the before new year promised MalDoHD 4.0 MOD.

    So in my opinion it is nice if 4.0 get released sometime in the future, but not required.

    At some point all will move on anyway I guess.

  14. Lots of people don't finish what they start. So do not be to hard on MaLDo, please.

  15. I agree that working on Maldo 4 really isn't worth it at this point, but a patch/hotfix to be able to actually load the Semper Fi or Die level should be released =(

    1. I don't have any problems with Semper Fi or Die level. I'm using MaLDoHD 4.0 beta

  16. I am pretty shure that the last 7 posts are from the same guy.
    Please stop spamming here buddy.
    Go and play other games if you can not wait.

    1. How do you know that? Because you are that guy?

  17. Thank you for your share. I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful information. I have read most of them and got a lot from them.

  18. I am one of those that really want to see the final Maldo version, but I would never dare to push for an ETA when I am not moving a fuckin* finger on it, if anybody cannot wait, should go away and stop disturbing here. Maldo is doing this for everybody and even he could do it and not share it with anybody since it is his time which is spent as well as his efforts and knowledge. If those smart guys that push him can do it better/faster...go ahead and bring the light to all the rest, otherwise...sssssshhhhhhh and let him work!

  19. Hi MaLDo
    any plans to relase 4.0 before Crysis 3 ??
    no need to hurry, just post some info or next beta maybe
    like always Thanx for Your work.

  20. Maldo 4 literally destroys Crysis 3 MP demo. There is nothing there that even touches Maldo 4's quality or level of depth.

    I eagerly expect it when it's done.

    Best wishes Maldo!


    1. "literally" destroys? wtf? lol. maldo's textures are arguably better (i believe they are) but that's not to say that the crysis 3 beta textures are bad, when, actually, they are VERY good. with a few tweaks, crysis 3 will look much better than maldo's mod.


  22. hi maldo.
    you are a BOSS.
    i 've tested u'r cfg, great impression, i've a gtx 670 ovclocked and with u'r mod no more FPS drops really impressed!.

    can you please explain in a mini-guide what does each string of code means ?

    thanks. #ch3ch3

  23. just think it is a example, i think everyone should have their own opinion.

  24. Thank you.
    You saved my FPS.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. in this file all the sys_spec are set to "3" does that mean the game is running on high settings with the tweak or very high with the tweak?
    is it

    4-very high

  27. i have downloaded crysis 3 but when i run that game it only show me the crysis 3 main page that's it and suddenly it turned off the game... can anyone tell me what's that problem what can i do now.........

  28. I was within the Alpha and that they dumbed this game down laborious from C2's MP before it had been broken.
    And they just about aforesaid that they need no intention apart from to create the sport a lot of accessible therefore new individuals do not get mad and quit taking part in the sport as a result of they suck.

  29. Can anyone share that autoexec.cfg file? It's down on both websites and the game isn't playable at all. I have the same fps at every option, from low to very high! The game is unplayable at the second mission and the fps drop from 60 to 30 at no time.
    MY PC specs:
    MOBO: ASRock 970 Extreme 4.0 Retail
    CPU: AMD FX-6350 4ghz
    RAM: 8GB
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (Asus Turbo version)
    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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