Thursday, 23 June 2011

First Version

Finally, I had a lot of problems uploading files. Sorry. I only cap upload at 20 kb/s and process failed three times.

Also when I got full upload, I remembered I had an incorrect parameter because I did some tests a few weeks ago (the "shadow back bias" for grass in all the game made it seem bright ... go shit).

Those screenshots are some of the latest changes. And say it is quite possible that if there is a way to run these textures in the new patch 1.9, I will continue adding some texture from time to time and integrating best in the new pack of textures of Crytek.

Click "Read more" to see all screenshots and download links.


Por fin, he tenido un montón de problemas al subir los ficheros. Lo siento.

Además, cuando conseguí subirlo completo, recordé que tenía un parámetro incorrecto porque hice unas pruebas hace unas semanas (el "back shadow bias" de la hierba de todo el juego hacía que pareciera brillante... vaya cagada).

Aprovecho para poner capturas de algunos de los últimos cambios. Y también diré que es muy posible que si hay forma de hacer funcionar estas texturas en el nuevo parche 1.9, seguiré sacando alguna textura de vez en cuando e integrándolas lo mejor posible en el nuevo pack de texturas de Crytek.

Pulsa en "Read more" para ver las capturas y los links de descarga.


This junk texture is a test, finally I don't include new junk texture in the pack because I have no time to make a final version before Crytek release his new texture pack. / Esta textura de basura flotante es una prueba, al final no he puesto ninguna en el pack porque no tenía tiempo de hacer una en condiciones antes de que Crytek lanzara su nuevo paquete de texturas.  

Download pack in .rar and decompress into your game folder\gamecrysis2. So, "objects", "materials" and "textures" new folders will be in same location that objects.pak and textures.pak.

Post 1.1 game versions disable mods, so you must use 1.1 version of game. Good news is that it's possible to copy 1.1 executable over 1.8 patched game (make a copy or rename your 1.8 exe) and all works fine.

This works in retail dvd version, I can't test in steam version.

Add those lines to your system.cfg (important)

r_texturesstreampoolsize = 362
r_texturesstreaming = 1

With texture streaming disabled you will have hiccups. With default value (r_texturesstreaming=2) the pool size is fixed and not enough.

I test this pack with my rig (280GTX sli). 1 gb of vram is enough to play all game at solid 60 fps without hitches (1920x1200 very high). I need feedback of people with 512 mb gpus.


Descarga pack en .rar y descomprimelo dentro de tu carpeta del juego\gamecrysis2. Así, las nuevas carpetas "materials", "textures" y "objects" deben estar en el mismo lugar que objects.pak y textures.pak.

Los parches posteriores al 1.1 del juego desactivan los mods, por lo que hay que usar la versión 1.1. Las buenas noticias es que es posible copiar el ejecutable 1.1 sobre un juego parcheado 1.8 (haz una copia de seguridad o renombra tu ejecutable 1.8) y todo funciona sin problemas.

Esto funciona en la versión retail en dvd, no puedo hacer pruebas en la versión steam.

Añade estas líneas a tu system.cfg (importante)

r_texturesstreampoolsize = 362
r_texturesstreaming = 1

Con el streaming de texturas desactivado se producirían parones. Si dejamos el valor por defecto (r_texturesstreaming = 2) el valor del "pool size" se bloquea y no es suficientemente alto.

Este pack lo he probado con mi equipo (sli de 280gtx). 1 gb de vram es totalmente suficiente para jugar todo el juego a 60 fps constantes (1920x1200 en muy alto). Necesito comentarios de gente con tarjetas de 512 megas.



  1. How do i open up the .PAK files?

  2. robin, what .pak files? You don't need open any .pak file. It's a .rar and extract 3 folders.

  3. How do you instal it? don't you need to open up the "Objects.Pak" file then replace the data?

  4. robin, no, put the folders as instructions says and that's all.

  5. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

    You are Awesome man! It looks great and thanks for replacing the horrible road textures crytek shipped the game with.

    Performance wise, nothing much has changed except for better visuals and a little more memory getting used

    Phenom X4 965 @ 3.6Ghz
    4GB ddr3 1333Mhz
    Gtx 570 @ 732Mhz core/ 2000Mhz Mem

    ~60FPS constantly with Vsync on.

  6. Probadas en una GT420M OC a GT435M
    1GB DDR3

    Excelente amigo se ve super y bajan 1 o 2 frames

    Algunas capturas Recien hechas

  7. Ty MalDo very nice textures, asphalt is very realist, you did a great job!!!

    just one thing, the ivy in some areas it's still the old texture strange no ?

  8. I hope you find a way to make them usable with the 1.9 version.Wanna have those nice textures with dx11 too cause the crytek hd texture pack sucks compared to your textures.

  9. @Diablow yeah.. honestly.. the CryTek HD Texture Pack sucks compared to yours.. hurrah for the people stuck on DX9

    Then again.. who knows.. your texture may work with DX11 and Tess without problems..

    CryTek or another company should really hire you man!

  10. The problem is they locked all additional content (scripts.textures etc...) cause of the fucking cheaters which makes addon textures not being able tu use since patch 1.3.I hope maldo finds a way to get it running with 1.9.

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