Monday, 26 September 2011

Levels progress

Config utility and installer completed


       ListaNiveles.Add("AlienVessel") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("BatteryPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("BryantPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("CentralPark") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("CentralStation") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Cityhall") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Convoy") '98% (new white bricks parallax plane, wall plants?)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Downtown") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("FDR") '100% (test forcing some big textures loads into memory creating invisible objects at some points)
        ListaNiveles.Add("FloodedStreets") '80%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Hive") '70% (search cracked street borders in other level)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Intro") '100% (only marines texture - v3masked)
        ListaNiveles.Add("MadisonSquare") '90% (sniper zone, alter notes debris, delete some ammo crates?, poly rocks in precipice - less tess)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Prism") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Prism2") '30% (wtf tesselated asphalt, flickering bridge, distant buildings?)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Roosevelt") '99% (some more planes with farnightbuilding texture, tesselated rocks in water from convoy intro)
        ListaNiveles.Add("Spear") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Terminal") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("TimesSquare") '100%
        ListaNiveles.Add("Warehouse") '100% (test e_viewdistratio, performance starting level with ai portals)


  1. so mod is completed?

  2. Mod isn't completed, if you look at the list of level stuff Maldo included, with the estimations of the completeness of each level. Its almost completed, but keep in mind Maldo is a perfectionist. This is a good thing, much better than most game developers 'close enough' attitude. Remember its just one guy doing it in his spare time, which makes it all the more impressive!

  3. ^Thanks. It's really hard because I must to test all maps with new textures, materials and all the stuff with different graphics configs (normal game configs plus custom created by mod config tool). I'm starting to play with flowgraphs too.

  4. And I really hate the "incorrect decal position with new tesselated surfaces Quick Solution" by crytek: e_DecalsForceDeferred. Set to 1 and forget to verify decals in all maps. Bad solution.

  5. how soon do u think it will take to complete?

  6. In 1 or 2 days I will start upload. If ShonE Qmod new version it's not ready I will add it later.

  7. A version 1.5 of ShonE Qmod is released. Is it what you are looking for ?

    Congralutions for your work ! I am so waiting !!!

  8. You are an artist !

  9. con el sueldo de este mes veo si paso a una con soporte dx 11 >:0!

  10. no need to rush now maldo we all been waitin some time for this

    , polish it like a gold nugget , make it shine baby!! xD

    seriously dont rush it , please

    stay fresh bro

  11. Keep the good work maldo. I am a professional musician and I go threw my tracks with a fine comb to make sure the mix is proper. Your work is in a similar fashion were you must test your final work so that when it is released you can feel good knowing a lot of us enjoyed your creation

  12. Cada vez me gusta mas el mod que estas haciendo, estoy ansioso por poder probarlo , pero mereces un descanso , ademas saldrá mejor el mod.


  13. where do u stand on it maldo?

  14. Will it work in DX9 Mode or is this DX11 only?