Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Some new and old screenshots

Hi, obviously screenshots from editor don't have very high quality but doesn't matter.

Some comparisson screenshots and some of the type of visual glitches that I fix. A lot of them are old (included in previous MaLDoHD) but interesting anyway. I've found them into screenshots folder and I had never posted. All original screenshots are with crytek HD textures activated.

The floating shadow. I hate those things. Fixed. 

Textures and decals work. Objects reposition.

Original tracks only for comparisson. Screenshots to show new soil decals between the rails.

I think never showed detail bump and tesselated screws (with no more polygons) in those barriers.

Rumble texture from the first picture taken with my new camera. Both textures has same resolution (1024x1024).

Parallax in containers floor.

Some examples of visual glitches.

Clipping in paths and rivers.

Fixed in MaLDoHD

New material using same diffuse map (1024x1024) but creating a new bump map and new displacement map. The original diffuse map (from picture) has shadows. The cargo use the texture with the wrong orientation (sun is in the shadowed side) and the original bumpmap was created directly from the diffuse map with shadows, so bumpmap is incorrect and low res too. I have created a new intermediate texture from diffuse but without shadows and correct height detail and then I create a new bumpmap and displacement from that texture. Added parallax in cargo details too (the yellow thing). 

The new trash texture in Bryan Park. Maybe I will add parallax.

Some comparisson from Madison Square level.

UltraHD version of original fallen leaves (1024 -> 2048). Editor screenshot quality isn't good enough to fair comparisson.

Shadows added in some places.

More glitches that are fixed. Black mistery.

Impossible graffiti. 

Floating decals

Objects clipping.

Incorrect tesselation and parallax.

Incorrect decal projection.

Mesh and paths clipping.

Floating or sunken cars.

Plain buildings.

Magic oil.

Hungry bricks.

Moving grass into stone.

New stone wall texture.


  1. Thank you for your hard work, this game is getting better and better! Looking forward to seeing how will you change those plain buildings with new ones. Will you use beter textures and add new poligons to the windows and the walls?

    Also, will you integrate your final version of the mod with BlackFire 2 mod? He has a lot of nice effects (more DoF, head and aim movements and color and ToD modifications) as well as a lot of new great texures, you could add them too :)

  2. I can't remember if plain buildings was fixed in MaLDoHD 3.0b or is new in 3.0c :( I don't have a real change log. I've added the bump layer and in some buildings some parallax with strong autoshadows. I will put some screenshots later.

    Last time I checked blackfire 2 mod added textures, are 4 textures (wood planks in battery park, ultrahd asphalt, nude ad and, sky map?) and I don't like them because they have problems in joints and don't have bumpmaps or displacement map and incorrects shadows. Are there other new textures in this time?

    1. I like that mod for its paricular ToD and the head/aiming animations: take a look att these gif wih a comparison between sandard Crysis 2 and BlackFire 2 :)


      And there are a lott of awesome textures as well, you could add bump map if you want, they're way beter tthan the classic Crysis 2 textures.

      This one is AWESOME: http://i.imgur.com/2zjG8.gif

      And these:

      If you could add some of these textures and the head/aiming animaikons to your final 3.0c mod, it will definitely be the BES mod ever :)

      Tell me what you think :)

  3. Just my two cents, I think the Blackfire mod is an abomination that just throws up the saturation and contrast and dof effects blatantly without any regard for what actually looks good or not. I don't think you should worry about integrating it with your great work, just leave that up to other people if they want to ruin their game with it.

  4. I agree with Ano 12:15PM. :)

  5. ^ Me too. I don't like the Blackfire TOD at all - it too drastically changes the original subdued and dark feel of the original - the DX11 update TOD is perfect as it is. But those textures are good.

    Good to see Maldo back!

  6. This completely made my day! Muchas gracias MaLDo!!

  7. Тhe real power is Maldo and Dx11 Parallax :)

  8. In this pictures i see how powerful is cryengine 3.Cant w8 to see how Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is gonna look whit this engine.

  9. Maldo. Do you plan on fixing the broken BOKEH DX11 Depth of Field? I would love for it to work exactly like the DX9 version (on gun and in the background etc).

    I also noticed that the DOF values in game are directly linked to the motionblur values. Hence, one cannot have the superior dx11 motionblur with the dx9 depth of field on at the same time.

  10. @Sergio0694

    Blackfire is a good boy. He did a fantastic job with his mod. It is a very good person who was very good with me to facilitate his mod integration into MaLDoHD 3.0 (then no time to do it). He also has many skills in marketing side.

    But I can't use those textures because they have many problems. Look at this


    First of all, in the upper left corner. It's added with photoshop (there aren't two soldiers in this place, and you can notice the transparency effect. Moreover, the texture is very small. I have marked the repetitions so you can see the real size. This means that in a wide point of view (while playing) immediately you will notice the pattern effect. More, texture has shadows into diffuse map so this texture can't react to sun orientation and all shadows direction are parallel and not radial as would be correct. This material is a terrain layer, so the texture used in this material will be the basis texture for all level (not only this "beach" place). In addition, the original frame in the comparisson gif, has no shadows to increase the difference impact.

    Let's see another one


    Again, fixed shadows in diffuse map. Besides, the texture is a repeat in mirror. You can see on the dotted line. So, not only shadows can't react correctly to real time lighting, there are cases like the nails that are marked up, with opposite shadows!!! This texture only seems good in a fixed and cenital point of view. And texture size and tiling don't match with the geometry of the floor, so the gaps between the boards do not correspond with the polygonal boards.

    Creating a texture is not only stamp a good picture over the mesh.

  11. @Sergio0694. I've oppened all blackfire textures (one sky texture, the wood planks, one plaster texture, one grass texture and a keyboard).

    The wood texture


    A lot of pixels into 2Kx2K texture are repeats. This is a waste of memory and a ugly final effect.

    This is the plaster texture


    Again all created with photoshop clone stamp tool.

    The bumpmap layer for grass texture is a one color texture (so, do anything into game) with this alpha layer O_O


    Can you understand my decision now?

    1. Of course I can, you're right :)

      Just one think, could you add an option to enable head and aiming animations/movements? They should be in ShonE mod, they're really awesome :)

      By he way... What's the last image? O_o
      Ahahahahahhaha :D

      Tell me what you think about the aiming and movements animaitons, see you :)

      Thank you again for all your efforts.

      Best wishes.
      Sergio :)

  12. Quality Mod beats Blackfire Mod 10/1.

    All the effects you're saying you like in Blackfire Mod derive from the integration with Quality Mod.
    Ergo, you like Quality Mod. :)

    1. Yes, you're right :)
      MaLDo's texures are awesome, now that the explained all BlackFire's mistakes, I cann see MaLDo's ones are far better :)

      As you said, I love the animaitons of the Qualiy Mod by ShonE, in paricular, the head movements and he aiming animations, they're very realistic :)

  13. hola maldo-.. soy KDashNX desde colombia..me gusto que volvieras a generar un progreso nuevamente en este mod..admiro tu trabajo..te iba a pedir un favor..en las partes del juego..aun cuando tu mod lo tengo trabajando.. en las partes donde uno ingresa a cualquier tubo de alcantarillado(y hablo de cualquiera en genral en el juego)..siempre hay una notable baja de frames..tu puedes echar un ojo a esto?.. bueno de pronto es alguna limitante de mi grafica.. no lo se(radeon hd 6950 2gb )


  14. Maldo...... JUGON¡¡¡¡

    Menudo pedazo trabajo. Le seguiremos la pista.

    Gracias por el curro ;)

  15. awesome MaLDo!!
    Greetz from Italy

  16. Just wanted to drop in and say welcome back maldo. Looks beautiful as always. Great work.

  17. I cannot use DX 11 but running your mod with black fire actually lets me play with zero lag and great frame rates using a BFG 8600GTS and Athlon X2 6000+ with 2GB of ram and Windows XP. I am playing with zero lag on a six year old computer I built at Maldo's "Very High" Global settings at 75hz refresh rate!

    It just shows how a high quality texture mod made properly can and usually will double your frame rates over stock. You would think that using higher quality graphics and settings would cause a performance loss but if made correctly it runs much better and smoother.

    Anyone running Direct X 9 with an older computer needs this mod. Anyone who has a new computer will only gain quality and performance using this modification.

    OS: Windows Xp
    Ram: 2gb
    Video card: Nvidia BFG OC 8600GTS NOT DX11 compatible
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+

  18. wow your observation skills and attention to details are amazing

  19. This mod gets me so hot.

    If only Crysis 2 had been PC-only, more people would have been able to enjoy higher quality textures like this :(

  20. Maldo is good becouse is perfectionist.

  21. Great to see you return Maldo, looking forward to the next release!

  22. Sí,sí,sí...Maldo está de vuelta!!!Gran noticia para el mundo gamer.
    Yes,yes,yes...Maldo is back!!! Great news for gamers world.

  23. Option for sharpness pls.

  24. To Sergio :


    Quality Mod patch for Maldo ^^.