Monday, 19 March 2012


Fixed first alien vessel hiccup but I can't fix the second (park ramp). One hundred (more or less) little fixes in the level.

Finished Battery Park, Bryant Park and Central Park too. A lot of little fixes in those maps. Probably you can't find any of them. XD

New leaves decal and new texture for fallen leaves geometry. New texture for parking poster in Alien Vessel. New texture for trash in Bryant Park. I'm working on new texture for marble and new texture for a stone wall. Maybe I'll can post some shots tonight.

I'm focusing on my recommended graphics settings. Using low object detail settings in vanilla game causes sudden appearances of small objects and very pronounced lod changes. However, raising the overall lod to solve these problems, greatly increased the number of polygons on screen.

The recommended configuration uses the lod value and draw distance of "very high" preset. So I'm changing default values ​​of lod and distance of some particular objects for normal polygon count in screen while there are no objects that appear too suddenly. For example, in the first part of "Battery Park" there are two large trees that change so suddenly making his shadow can give us a scare with the change. Change the lod of all trees greatly increases the polygons, so I created a new type of tree with a lod better and changed only two such trees. So we can use the general lod with few polygons and those trees look better. Other example, I have increased the distance for cans popup.

I'm working with the forcing deferred decals too. I don't like the fast and easy solution that crytek used to solve decals over parallax or tesselated walls. With "forcing deferred" they introduce a fix for deferred decals in two faces geometry but some other decals loose important things. Like parallax in vertical decals, that don't work with the "force deferred" fix.


  1. great..can you make e_lods=0 working ingame ?

  2. ^of course, but you need a "double ivy" to run it smooth.