Thursday, 5 July 2012

... 99%

I think I will need more numbers XD

Roof of militar tents in Battery Park. The new texture is only 512x512 diffuse and 256x256 bump. It has parallax too.


MaLDoHD 3.0c

First test with new stone wall. Need more work with highpass filter and matching colors.


  1. looks so good... i wanna play this with a fully immersive HMD. one like the Oculus Rift. with this mod it would be the best Virtual Reality experience menkind has ever experienced.
    Maldo, in MTBS forum people are making mods for game support for this HMD. a side by side 3D fisheye-lens correction. Must be very easy for you. :)

  2. that parallax mapping and tesselation really bring the textures to a whole new level of realism

  3. Looking insane man, my problem is one of my 470's just died and im down to one:( and I can't afford a new card, running this might make it cry haha.

  4. Great job as always !
    You made the best game ever ! On your own, hope crytek take inspiration of your work.

  5. MaLDoHD Mod 3.0 for Crysis 2
    Crysis Revival Mod
    = Crysis 3 ?!
    My respect MALDo for your great work and to make photorealistic textures (best I`ve ever seen!) run fine now
    on a gamers pc (with BumpMapping...and Tesselation...and ...even more it all looks so ...REAL!)
    I think someone should send Crytek the Links ;-)

  6. My body is ready, but is my 670 FTW?

  7. hello, anyone who can confirm that 1 GDDR5 is enough? i wanna buy a sapphire 6850 and overclock it.

    1. Not a chance. Im running at max Vram on my GTX470 1280mb. You want 2GB.

    2. I got a GTX480/1,5GB@750Mhz running ... doesn`t MADLDo use this one too ? For me Revival Mod & MALDoMod run fine - but not together ... yet ;>