Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oh my god!!! Give me.

I want those new cryengine features in the leaked E3 document. Absolutely brilliant!!!!

New displacement. Really clever. I expect parallax performance hit for better than tesselation results. Tesselation is far from pixel precision and have a great hit in quality for middle and far distance. Besides the problem of having to prepare specific modeling. The only problem for parallax perfection is in the assets borders and new feature destroys that limitation.

Blend cubemap with RLR is another clever trick for use in water surface.

AI and vegetation changes are long waited too. Composite lens flare and new fog are the final cherry.

Congratulations crytek tech team.


  1. Drop them a beta request and some examples of your work ;)

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  3. You should rebuild Crysis/CrysisWarhead with CryEngine3 and all this new features! =P

  4. SOOOOO your not going to release this anytime soon?

  5. Maldo thank you for making crysis 2 look better than 3! That's a fact. When are you going to release the 3c?

  6. Played Crysis 2 with 10 FPS at 1920 x1080 on a overclocked hd 5450 512 mb. with only textures on highest setting. Crysis 2 has awesome graphics. cant wait to get my new card. hd 6850
    2GB gddr5. using maldohd 3.0c and dx11 i can imagine that it will be so f... great.