Friday, 17 May 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines - Launch / Post-patches comparisson

I made a lot of screenshots of Aliens Colonials marines comparing the game in release day versus current state post patches. Patches have included a lot of improvements. All textures are now four times larger (diffuse and bump textures). A lot of new specular textures have added. New light points. New fog zones. Color grading. Ambient Occlusion. Chromatic aberration. Selectable noise filter. New effects and more.


  1. Pues igual me lo vuelvo a instalar por que después de jugar las primeras horas y pillar un mosqueo tremendo, igual ahora se merece otra oportunidad...

  2. Very nice work. this is one of the reasons i love PC Games. sometimes the mods can get crazy. Liek skyrim. there are so many you dont know what to pick or if its going to cause issues with other mods etc. then you get all the mods you like and the game runs like crap. but The miods you do are very good. and done totally better way. only 1 thing left for me to say. where do i get this patch

    1. Do you know that this is NOT a mod???

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