Sunday, 19 May 2013

Metro: Last Light stuttering and SLI

UPDATE 4: This weekend I tested Metro Last Light benchmark and I've found that DXTory is very useful in Metro. Everytime I found a game with stuttering, my first shot is DXTory. The problem with Metro is that the first time I tried DXTory in this game, I saw that game framerate doesn't match DXTory framerate and there are slowdowns. So I discarded DXTory for this game. Big BIG mistake.

What you have to do is apply a x2 factor in DXTory framerate limit. So, if you will play in a 60hz screen at 60 fps, set in game profile "vsync controlled by application", set Vsync ON in the game menu and SET FRAMERATE LIMIT TO 120 FPS IN DXTORY! Fucking smooth framerate.

Note: Use Hyperthreading if you cpu has it.

UPDATE 3: Some people report that the stuttering fix doesn't work for them. I've seen that using "Realtime priority" to MetroLL.exe after start the game, eliminates stuttering too. But then, can appear sound distorsion when too many sounds at the same time (for example in firefights). Anyone knows a 4AGames contact email?

UPDATE 2: Ok, now I know a real fix to avoid stuttering but .... you have to use a cracked exe. Game starts without steam and stuttering goes away. I'm using the modified user.cfg too, with

sso_connect_tries 1
sso_first_time 0
sso_receive_updates 0
sso_receive_updates_thq 0

UPDATE 1: Shit! today after restarting my computer, stuttering is back O_o
I hope 4A games can fix this problem because playing yesterday 3 hours without stuttering is a different experience.

About stuttering (multigpu and monogpu users)

If you are experiencing stuttering while playing, please try this config:

- Copy to c:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\4A Games\Metro LL\[game code]\
- Run game
- Change video options if necessary (the file sets your resolution to 1080p, change it to your native resolution in game menu. Also advanced physx is activated, disable it if your gpu is not good enough).

Profile for Nvidia Inspector
- Import with nvidia inspector (not necessary).
- This profile limits your framerate to 60 fps.

About SLI

I'm used to customize SLI profiles. I've been doing since there were no programs to help in the task (like SLI profiler or Nvidia Inspector).

Rarely appear unsolvable problems and it is normal to slightly increase performance over nvidia profile.

The performance of Metro Last Light is extremely surprising. Its optimization is amazing. But the scaling in SLI configurations is not as good as expected. Yes, increase the performance of something that's already good, can not be bad. But it could be better.

I found a profile that increases performance SLI enough, at the expense of a graphic problem. Light glares are visible through geometry. The last game I remember with a similar problem using an early SLI profile was Prince of Persia (sun glare was visible through the mountains), and was easily solved by changing the SLI profile (I even think nvidia not take long to fix).

Custom SLI profile in Last Light increase performance 30-40% in my computer. A 40% more performance in the most demanding scenes is a great jump. I tried in a place where there are lots of tessellation and characters.

Why write about this? Because logic says to hide glare effects does not have to cost 40% of the performance. Since it is not possible to avoid this error by changing SLI profile (I've tried), I'd love that 4A Games and Nvidia can fix to this problem.

Game configuration is 1920x1200, SSAAx3, Very High preset, very high tessellation and advanced physx. My computer is 2700K@5ghz and Tri-SLI GTX680 with 32GB of ram.


Custom SLI bits: 0x080600F5 for DX11 and 0x02400205 for DX9


  1. your user.cfg didn't make any difference. but 0x080600F5 bits made it smooth as a butter and performance increased drastically. but lens flares problem is killing me. reminded me about witcher 2 with the same flares problem.

  2. Stutter was gone for me yesterday using this .cfg but today is different. Today I'm able to avoid stuttering playing without using steam.

  3. Funny thing but custom sli bits fixed stutter in benchmark. Game itself still stutters (though with good performance but with flares artifacts).

  4. MaLDo, you should or if you don't mind I could stick it up on the steam forums (fully crediting yourself). Seems like you would reach a far greater audience (and maybe some devs) if you stuck this info up there, as that is pretty much the only "official" forum as such.

    EDIT: The Witcher 2 had a similar light bleeding problem when SLI was enabled. It was fixed with a SLI profile at the cost of performance if I remember correctly. Its DX9 though so that only sorts half the problem as such. I'll do comparisons with the profiles and do what I can to help out! :D Many thanks MaLDo!

  5. Using Real time priority does indeed fix the issue, for me at least. But as said sound gets distorted in places at least when using realtek integrated audio.

  6. Hey Maldo,

    I've been trying everything you've suggested here and in the steam forums and anywhere I can find tips to try in the game... How is it you can set the game to real-time, where when I try to do that I get a msg says it cannot, but puts the game to HIGH priority instead?.. Besides this, of all the things suggested from many many posts, the only way I can tolerate this game is if I cap the framerate to 30 in the NCP and set vsync to smooth. ANY OTHER method just don't work for me.. : (Can you honestly play the game SMOOTHLY with your latest update?? (update 4)

  7. Hi Maldo! DXTory? what is it? i read that it is used for record video, isn?t true?

  8. Hi Maldo, i just found that this SLI bits works great
    it still have some drop but definitely better that vanilla and without lens flares problems.
    hope it helps

    Sorry for my english

    P.D this number is like god number, it help me with 3 or 4 games now, remember it XD

  9. im sorry, i wrote the wrong sli bits number in the last post the good one it's
    0x0C0200F5 (Max Payne 3)
    i get up to 89% of usage and again without lens flares

    hope it helps

  10. Guys I found the fix for Metro LL! just turn on Hyper Trading in your BIOS and make UNPARKED your CPU (find on google cpu parking software). I tested this on my Intel i7 3770K and GTX580 Sli. the stutter issue has been fixed for real! tried all levels without stuttering awesome!.

  11. download here CPU Parking here: eliminate stuttering for real! but remember to enable also Hyper Trading function because if is disabled the stuttering is always on. The fix is working only with HT activated and Unparked cores. I repeat, tried this on i7 3770K with GTX 580 Sli. Good Luck

    1. Thank you very much!It really work, constant 60 fps without drop, even turning up my setting!some time ago i tried to make active those cores but i didnt find anything, so i just forget about it... and now you show me this program!! im really happy! thank you again!
      Tried this on i7 950 with GTX 570 SLI

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  17. hey, maldo, what about maldohd for crysis 3 ?

  18. Why all these games killing nazis!? Why not all these ugly communists??

  19. Maldo, i' d like to thank you for your amazing work that you have done for Crysis 2.
    It was probably the last time you have made texture enhancements since next gen games are coming and if i look at i.e. Shadowfall there is nothing more to add.
    Crysis 2 Maldo HD was the most amzing game i ever played(better than Crysis3).
    I am a graphics nut. So yeah your mods were a healing to me. Thanks for that.
    EDIT: perhaps we'll need you one more time for 4k textures in virtual reality! :)
    and hopefully it will be Crysis 4 on the Ceph planet.

  20. SLI bits 0x080116F5 works amazing under my configuration, haven't observed any SLI related stuttering, FPS drops or visual artifacts of the sort. Also lens flare' bleeding doesn't occur through walls either. Woop-de-woop.


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