Friday, 8 July 2011

FAQ (english)

1.  What is this?
A help document.
No, I mean the mod.
   Ops, MaLDo HD for Crysis 2 is a set of textures and material definitions to alter the appearance of the single player campaign.

2. So, does not work in multiplayer?The multiplayer maps share textures and definitions  with singleplayer maps, but Crysis 2 disable mods in multiplayer. If someone finds a way to activate it, could explain how.

3. How do I install?

  • If you have version 1.9 or later of the game, you must unzip the downloaded file into the MODS folder in your Crysis 2 installation path.
  •  If you are still using version 1.1 you must unzip the downloaded file to a temp folder. Then move the folders "Materials", "Objects" and "Textures" to the folder "Gamecrysis2" in your Crysis 2 intallation path.

4. And why would anyone want to use version 1.1 of the game?
Version 1.1 has more unlocked cvars. Some people prefer to have more freedom to create their configuration files.

5. How can I activate the mod?

  • If you have version 1.9 of the game you must enter the game menu, and select in MODS menú. The game will restart and you can play normally with the active mod.  Game shows active mod in the lower right corner. Your savegames will use the mod as well.
  • If you have version 1.9 of the game there is another way to activate the mod without restarting the game. You can create a shortcut to the executable Crysis2.exe and add as parameters "-Mod MaLDoHD" without quotes. Or create a batch process file (. Bat) on the same route Crysis2.exe with one line "MaLDoHD Crysis2.exe-mod."
  • If you have version 1.1 does not have to activate it. The game will use the mod until you delete the folders "Materials", "Objects" and "Textures".

6. Works the mod with actived DX11 in game options?
Yes, the mod works regardless of the DirectX version.

7. But I have played in DX11 with mod and I've seen bricks that are not tesselated.
Right. That is because the mod works, right? Material definitions in mod override the game ones. When you turn on DX11, game uses an alternative package of material definitions. So, in fact the game has two definitions for DX9 and DX11, and mod can have only one. Therefore, although the mod can be used in DX11, you have to wait for a specific DX11 version of the mod if you don't want to loose DX11 effects in some materials.

8. When does the DX11 version of the mod?
When it's done. That becomes the date on which the grants are sufficient to buy a 480GTX, plus the days it takes to get the card, plus what it takes to list all materials at all levels that have lost effects, plus what it takes to see how many of these new effects are really necessary in view of what they consume more what it takes to make new displacement textures and some time there on way to work, eat and be with my family. Did I already said that, although delayed, now finally TODAY we start moving into my new house?

9. Why did you do this mod?

Because I love to learn. The trigger here was the general complaint about the textures of the game. Since I had the view that graphically was a wonder I did not like how people complaints the game looking only at textures. I decided try to solve this. In early April I knew nothing of textures. The first thing I learned was to open the texture files, so my mission for several days was to look at the 13,000 textures in the game one by one and write in a stack of papers the names of all those textures that I remember where they were within the levels and I was willing to improve. Gradually the to-do texture list of textures was reduced to fit on a post-it. On June 22, I release the first version in the blog with more than 600 files edited. The way to know the world of textures without having read any tutorial or documentation (the only document I read was that of parallax mapping because it could not get the effect and resulted in DX9 there is no way to work) has been challenging and exciting. 

I have more fun learning to make textures that playing some actual games. 

I've also learned to do a blog and be amazed at how your work can be expanded around the world. And how many people can donate money generously when they see there is effort and love into what you do, whatever.

10. Should I donate money?
Donations are about to arrive at the price of DX11 graphics card I need to do that version of the mod. As I said at that time donations will be not something "necessary". Whenever I get the card, I will remove the buttons up there and I will say in an entry that no longer need to donate money. Anyway, as I suppose there will be people of good heart who want to donate also let one of the buttons at the bottom of the page with the warning "Donate under your responsibility because I have the card."


  1. good job man! i'll be waiting for DX11 version


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    MalDo RESPECT!

  3. Are these new Textures?? If so can I use em i my own map

  4. There is no MODS folder on my crysis 2 directory