Sunday, 3 July 2011

Version 2.0

-Unrar inside "crysis 2\MODS"
-Select mod in game menu

Material mtl files can't be used for both DX9 and DX11, so I have to make 2 versions of mod (DX9 and DX11).

-Descomprimir dentro de la carpeta "Crysis 2\Mods"
-Seleccionar el mod desde el menú del juego

Los ficheros de material .mtl no se pueden usar para DX9 y DX11 al mismo tiempo, así que tendré que hacer 2 versiones del mod  (DX9 y DX11).


Crytek HD patch vs MaLDoHD mod

Original graffitis sticks over holes / Los graffitis originales se aguantan en los agujeros

New waterline wall / Nueva pared del puerto

Adjusted value for stone tiles and fallen leaves / Ajustados valores del suelo de losas y las hojas

New street crack decals and earth cliffs / Nuevo decal para el asfalto roto y para los barrancos de tierra

Another new graffiti / Otro graffiti nuevo

Some old textures adjusted / Algunas antiguas ajustadas

New suji desk / Nuevo mostrador de suji

Blade runner is everywhere

Next texture preview / Previo de la siguiente textura


  1. When i enable the mod tessellation is disabled? In fact i am not sure if any DX11 feature works. Or is this patch just for DX9? either way the new textures are VERY NICE!

  2. Excellent work!!!
    You say you need to do 2 versions, one for DX9 and DX11 - is this one DX9 or DX11? I want for DX11...

  3. This is DX9. Using in DX11 disables teselation and POM in a few surfaces. Not all.

  4. Ok, that's fine, I've disabled tessellation for now anyway - it's killing my frame rate. Do I need to overwrite your first mod folder?

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  6. So does this mod disable DX11 lightning? Also when can we can expect the DX11 mod?

  7. Im waiting for the dx11 version.good luck with enabling the tesselation and all other dx11 features.

  8. are you going to improve textures which still look awful in game?

  9. @lex luger, can you take some screenshots of those textures? Limit now is memory in gpu.

  10. @all, blog has donate buttons now to buy a DX11 gpu so I can do DX11 tested version.

  11. I hope you get enough donations for a DX11 card. You have put a lot of work into this and I'm sure hundreds if not more are enjoying the fruits of your work.

  12. I will most defiantly donate as soon as i get my next paycheck.

  13. hello does this one work on multiplayer? i got dx10.1 card running windows vista 32bit and a 3gig ram can i run this HD Textures? Thanks

  14. Hi MaLDo, today I'll make a donation, I really hope that you can buy that DX11 card soon.
    I'd really like to use your mod, but I have a GTX480 and I play in DX11, and as you know, your mod doesn't support tess and POM, and I don't want to loose those DX11 features.
    Do you think that with a DX11 card you'll be able to convert your textures into DX11 tessellated textures, and with POM support, like the official Crytek HD textures update?
    Thank you, looking forward to your next update ;)

  15. Bug with the "NYC SEWER" plate (black square instead of transparency)
    Screen here :

    Nevertheless, great work on these textures !
    I hope you can have the 480gtx and add some tesselation/ligtning correction for them ;)

  16. @dricks, it happens in all levels? or only in one ny sewer in one point? are you using version 2.0 in DX9? Thank you

  17. @MaLDo

    I want to make a suggestion for a GPU. You should get the GTX 570. I think it is cheaper and it's got some more power behind it. The 570 is what the 480 should have been.

  18. @KING_OF_SAND, thanks but
    -480 is older so I can buy one for less than 200 euros
    -480 has 1,5 gb of vram (1,25 in 570) so I can monitorize more memory amount to determine how many memory mod use.

  19. @maldo :
    I'm using version 2.0 of your pack, patch 1.9, Crytek HD textures On, Dx11 disabled.
    I don't know if it's in all levels, but it can be seen in the firsts level (battery park i think)
    Sometimes they seems to work, but you can still see a dark box around it.
    Screens :
    Works, but darker square around can be seen :

    Fails, black square :

  20. Maldo,
    Thanks for ur work!!!
    I have a question : does this mod apply for
    Multiplayer as well ?

  21. we have to apply mod every time we start game ?? my case even when I apply you ur mod I have to repeat that procedure every time I start game.

  22. ^ you can read FAQ for a solution.

  23. I just noticed the preview screen:

    In the top left corner there is a "sticker" which in the enhanced version says "Rubiners Journal". I may be wrong, but I think the original says "The Business Tribune" - so I wonder if this change is intentional, or not?

  24. ¿es necesario el pack texturas hd para jugar con este mod?

  25. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MOLDO :P

  26. Dear Maldo, your mod is awesome. But my textures are broken since patch 1.9, no AF at all, even tried forcing it through CCC. Is there any chance that your files would work in 1.8 version? It's fastest than 1.1 patch.

    Vai com Deus, brother!

  27. I get a crash to the desktop everytime when trying to run a game with this mod. Anyone else?

    5570 1GB DDR
    4GB RAM
    W7 x86 version
    Catalyst 11.6

  28. hola maldo.. hola a todos.. tengo un problema cuando juego con este MOD... me sale un error q dice "Memory allocation ... failed" que significa.. que necesito mas ram?... tengo 3gb... cuato es lo recomendado para jugar sin problemas?

  29. when i play with this MOD, I get this mesage "Memory allocation-... failed" whats wrong??, ive 3GB ram... what do i need to play without error.. please help me...

  30. @Jose Luis

    You need 64bit and at least 4gb.

  31. So, version 1.8 no way?

  32. MalDo-
    I'm sure you're aware of this but your answers about seeing memory usage leave me wondering...

    CE3 uses a type of dynamic memory allocation for the VRAM... no matter what, it will read as almost full, because it always is.