Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A few more examples from "Road Rage" / Algunos ejemplos más de "Furia al volante"

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  1. Muy buen trabajo!

    tu solo has podido hacer en semanas lo que Crytek con sus miles de empleados se demoraban meses!

    sigue asi!

  2. keep it up!! hopefully your work is recognized by even more people... as the guy above said, you pay more attention to detail than crytek.

    Saludos desde Chile

    PD: Ojala te sigan regalando cosas (como la gtx 480) como agradecimiento.

  3. very nice job :)

  4. To be changing what crytek did in the game you are the leading graphics expert in the world! congrats can´t wait for the release

  5. crytek should hire you as theyre lead texture creator, hands down fukin noobs take that!!

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  8. Very good job ! You are very precise. I would like to see more precisely how you dealt with POM and Tessellation. Tessellation is what make Directx 11 the most interesting even if POM is very interesting and comparison pictures with Crysis 2 Patch HD.

    I didn't like a brick wall.

  9. i found some really gpu killing problems.
    the dynamic water tesslation-mesh is calculated over the coasts into the smallest edge of most levels the water is not visible, but the calculating kills much gpu power.

    if you could fix this plz do thx

  10. where can i download this?


    Can you fix all these issues that this describes.

  12. Si pudieras reducir el uso exagerado de tessellation en ciertas areas, como el agua abajo de la tierra en una parte, o la teselacion a rocas, muros y sobre todo los blockes de cemento que estas super teselados al pedo por que se ven igual que sin teselacion. Se sabe que esto lo hicieron para que funcione mal con las ati, muchos usuarios de ati en realidad casi todos tienen este problema y si pudieras hacer algo sobre eso creo que ya seria sobresaliente tu trabajo, que en realidad creo que ya lo es... como sea ya por lo que hiciste te felicito y espero que salga el mod.

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  14. Hello Maldo , i have an issue who is showed here :

    I think you are the only person who may fix it .
    You already do a great job, you improve tremendously this game that has huge potential.
    I also think you should implement TOD .
    All my admiration .

    Sorry for my english , im french...


  15. The problem is that the tessellation is bad used in certain areas (water computed where it's not visible, 2 passes, too much tessellation on certain thin borders, and not enough used in others (walls for example).

    But to fix that you have to alter the 3D models too.

    Waiting for a new patch or for a mod, ATI Owners have to limit Tessellation Samples in Control Panel (32 or 16).

  16. Yes, it would be great if you could reduce the polygon count over the water when tesselation is activated, and on the road blocks they are talking about at

    I can't figure out how those big errors can be in the patch without being spotted by crytek's guys...

  17. A todos los que piden cosas arriba... acuérdense que por muy bueno que sea Maldo, es solo una persona... y es mucho trabajo.
    Too all guys above that ask for stuff... remember that even if Maldo is awesome, he's only one guy... and it's a huge amount of work.
    Anyway, long live MOD's

  18. maybe you should combine youre mod with BlackFireBR´s mod over at crydev he already incorporated your old texture mod into his , with youre finished pack itd be epic!!!!


  20. - Thank you all
    - Dinamic shadows problems -> patches and new drivers fix those problems
    - BlackFire makes a mod that uses my textures and add some TOD modifications. TOD modifications are something that some like and others dislike. MaLDo HD is a mod that tries to keep the visual spirit of the original game. Thus those who want TOD changes can put them over the mod.
    - I've did a lot of changes in tesselation. Removing tessellation in some places and putting in others. But I could not see big drops in performance due to the tessellation. Otherwise, I have seen large drops in performance due to shadows in particles or due DX11 bugs. But those drops are visible with tesselación and POM disabled. So those should not be the enemy number one.
    - Tesselated water under floor. I can see more performance activating tesselation in water, so this can't be a big real problem.
    - Release date. Obviously I have not finished the mod yet.

  21. thanks maldo for the update and take youre time bro we all are expecting something awesome btw could you add the tod changes as bonus folder from blackfire or atleast explain how to do the install once you release the pack so i can use bot since i gotta admit with his changes crysis 2 looks better more real colours etc etc, peace

  22. btw blackfire just released an update over at crydev, peace

  23. BlackFireBR from BlackFire's Mod 2 here.

    Dont' worry guys, as soon as MaLDo Releases his Update I'll immediately integrate it into my mod, as I did with the version that is available.

    MaLDo, can I ask you a favor?Could you edit this texture: and add some POM to it?I'm loving the job you're done, and I'll appreciate if you could do this favor for me.

    I'm really looking forward to your new version of MaLDo HD Texture Pack.

  24. I'm really looking forward for this! Best mod will be:

    BlackFire's Mod 2 + Maldo TXT + QualityMod by -ShonE-

  25. dont forget ultra nanosuit once its got all the bugs evened out xD

  26. Maldo, porque desactivando la teselacion los frames minimos me suben de 15 a 25 en ciertas áreas. Hay artículos en algunas webs que muestran una "sobreteselacion" en objetos como el bloque de cemento o algunas rocas. después probando distintas configuraciones vi reducción de rendimiento con varios de los efectos, pero desactivando el tessellation ya me funciona perfecto el juego. Creo que puede ser por que tenes una GTX 480 y yo una ati6870 , no solo es inferior si no que es ati, las cuales funcionan peor con el tessellation de este juego. Igual me alegra el trabajo que estas haciendo y miro todos los días acá para ver si ya lo terminaste :P ,estoy muy ansioso =)

  27. @nemesis

    Creo que es porque por primero, Nvidia le pago mucho dinero a Crytek para desarrollar la parte de DX11 de crysis 2, por lo tanto, el DX11 de Crysis 2 esta optimizado para tarjetas Nvidia,

    Segundo Nvidia estan diseñadas para tener rendir mejor en DX11, yo Creo que ATI lo he ha dado tanto importancia al DX11 porque solo pocos juegos como Crysis 2 or Metro 2033 la usan correctamente, los demas como Black Ops o Bad company 2 solo bloquean cosas como mejor iluminacion en targetas DX9 y 10 para que la gente compre Targetas DX11, mientras que DX9 facilmente puede darmos iluminacion increible mostrado en Crysis 2, y DX11 la mejora aun mas

    Ademas cabe recordar que el DX11 en Crysis 2 no es muy eficiente, le ponen demasiados polygonos a objetos literalmente planos, como las barreras de concreto, y siempre hay una capa de oceano que esta en constante teselacion pero se encuentra debajo del mapa y no se la puede ver, pero igualmente reduce un poco el framerate.

    Me imagino que crytek o algunos modders, ya que salio el CE3 SDK arreglaran eso en algunas semanas

  28. Ehy, that's a good job and i don't care if you take years to do it, but please give a release date.
    I've got many other things to do and can't check the page everyday, just say ''on 1st September i'll release my Mod'' and we're ok.
    We won't think about it until that day.