Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Only a few days more / Solo unos días más

I need a few days more because I spent two weeks traveling with the family for vacation. Something so predictable that had not taken into account, my head is not enough for more. Anyway, I have finished 10 of 19 levels.

I took a few screenshots to illustrate the kind of glitches which I referred in the previous post. I lost count of the hundreds of them I have already fixed.

Click "Read more" to see screenshots.


Voy a necesitar algunos días más pues he estado dos semanas de viaje con la familia por vacaciones. Algo tan predecible y que no había tenido en cuenta, mi cabeza no da para más. Aún así, ya tengo terminados 10 de los 19 niveles.

He tomado unas cuantas capturas para ilustrar el tipo de fixes a los que me refería en la entrada anterior. Perdí la cuenta de los cientos de ellos que ya he arreglado.

Pincha en "Read more" para ver las imágenes.


  1. Awesome wrk. Keeps looking better

  2. Awsome work !
    I hated those floating decals (many games have some), well done !

    Can't wait for the release ;)

  3. Great work! and also good job with fixing the decals, it actually makes a bigger difference to game experience than people may realise!

    I might actually start playing it now! I can only imagine what you could do with Battlefield 3 when it comes out ;) (I'm partly hinting, partly being silly when I say that)!

  4. Clearly you have put a lot of thought and testing into this. The attention to detail is immense! Keep it up!

  5. Te felicito excelente trabajo segui asi!!!!!

  6. i found some really gpu killing problems.
    the dynamic water tesslation-mesh is calculated over the coasts into the smallest edge of most levels the water is not visible, but the calculating kills much gpu power.

    if you could fix this plz do thx

  7. Que buen laburo, la verdad es increíble, gracias por hacer que tengamos un juego como esperábamos que sea y crytek no lo hizo, pero vos si. pusiste este crysis 2 a la altura del primero, espero el pack con muchas ganas.

  8. Me anoto a la salida del pack tambien, Crytek debería contratarte, y avergonzarse de paso sea dicho. Felicitaciones.