Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Installer/Config Tool update 2

This version fixes:

- Distant view reseting value when restart configurator
- Create correct "Library" folder when run as installer
- Rename "Libray" to "Library" if necessary when run as config tool


Download link:  Config Tool 3.0b

I put link in 3.0 version post too.


  1. Still unable to configure the mod. : /

  2. Probably your computer has some problem with .NET Framework installations. Try to uninstall .NET Frameworks in control panel and then installs again.

    Download .NET framework 2.0 here:

  3. I have the same problem as before:
    ************* Exception Text **************
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    File name: 'Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'
    at MaLDoHD_C2_Setup.frmStart.InstalarMod()
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

  4. @Simplex, let's see.

    Installer copy all the necessary folders into your "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\" folder. This seems corrects because error is later.

    Then copy 3 .dll files from installation folder to same "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\" and here seems that process don't finds the first of the .dll that wants to copy. Maybe there is some UAC protection against copy .dll because permisions are correct, install had copied more files before error.

    You can try 2 things:

    1- Disable UAC and re-install.
    2- or, just copy those 3 .dll files into "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\" and run setup in that folder.

    Good luck.

  5. Just want to say I appreciate your hard work and keep up the good work.

  6. Hello Maldo,

    Thanks for a great mod and thanks for quick reply.

    "Installer copy all the necessary folders into your "crysis 2\mods\MaLDoHDv3\" folder. This seems corrects because error is later."

    I just checked - My "mods" folder is empty, nothing is there. The error appears immediately after I choose installation directory and click "OK" button. Is there a way to manually install the mod?

    Also, I have UAC completely disabled and I am running the installer as admin.

    I am using 64bit Windows 7.

  7. Installer asked you for crysis 2 folder or detected automatically?

    If detected, search those into your registry

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games\{22B597F2-D639-409C-BDDD-294771523C88} -> "CONFIGAPPLICATIONPATH"

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games\{A71969A7-6296-4E63-8942-DC110E52340B} -> "CONFIGAPPLICATIONPATH"

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games\{95E3DCF8-FC7F-4C88-B98E-69D9E793E2FA} -> "CONFIGAPPLICATIONPATH"


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games\{A8B4915A-79C6-4F7D-A8BA-AB96930A7992} -> "CONFIGAPPLICATIONPATH"


    Mod installs in the first of those that find into registry. If you have one of them, mods is installing there.

  8. I got the same prob as simplex my pc is a clean install win 7 x64 with .net installed all patches. I get the exemption fault when loading up the config tool set up.

  9. Mod says that installation path could not be found in registry. I am selecting the directory manually (D:\Gry\Crysis 2\) and then mod says "Selected path is valid". I press OK and the error appears.

    Here is screenshot:

  10. After changing "Libray" to "Library" it have not seen any texture issues. So far so good! Also didn't you mention earlier Maldo that even if the setting say View distance is reset that it really isn't, because the view distance is pretty large for me?

  11. Hola Maldo, antes que nada muchas gracias por tu trabajo, el mod es excelente. Solamente una consulta: yo lo jugaba en DX11 calidad extreme, ¿ como hago si solo quiero las nuevas texturas y la opcion de teselacion reducida? porque noto que los parametros de la configuracion "extreme" de la utilidad no son iguales a los de la opcion " extreme" del menu del juego .Saludos desde Argentina

  12. I still get

    "ERROR - MaldoHD files dont match as expected"

    when adjusting values with the configurator.

  13. The program does not chew .... and shit ...

  14. IT WORKS PERFECTLY FINE NOW.tiny glitches here and there but nothing more

  15. Thank you very much MaLDo for your awesome mod!! I love it!! I only have a little little bug with one texture.
    Look here: http://i55.tinypic.com/2hoz1va.png

    The map is "Road Rage"

    I've already renamed "libay" folder to "library"
    I hope it will be fixable, if not don't worry, this is the most important mod of the year! =D

  16. Since configurator wont let me adjust the values I edited the cfg to.I hope it works that way.


  17. Configurator says no Quality Mod by ShonE yet? Why, it is available on Crydev. It's important aspect of mod - how long before integration?

  18. having same problem as simplex. doing a fresh install i´ll tell if it works

  19. Is this update compatible with x64 windows? Are people with 64 bit windows the only one having issues are is just random. I have full control access over my PC uac shouldn't be a problem on my pc. I turn that sh1t off.

  20. Maldo, this is really amazing stuff, you are a magician as well as a genius! I am using AMD HD5870 and before I had to turn off tessellation because it really slowed everything down. Now I can have everything on Ultra, with tessellation on normal and frame rate is excellent! I can even use Vsync and frame rate is still playable!! Thank you, thank you. I will donate to you.

    Two questions. I put DOF settings at High using your config tool but there is no DOF in game, only when aiming - do we have to wait for ShonE quality mod for this to work?
    Also, configurator did not put a mod shortcut on my desktop so I have to use configurator first each time I want to play...?

  21. hey maldo.. logre instalar manualmente la configuracion de calidad de shon e con tu herramienta de configuracion..creeme.. vale la pena todo!!,, espero en la siguientes actualizaciones kede completamente integrado, y mirar si shon e logra configurar el error cuando carga sobre un punto de control..


  22. Can someone with 64bit Windows confirm that the mod works for him?

  23. ^ Yes, I have Windows 7 64 bit, all working perfectly.

  24. Maldo... a sugestion. Post your software configuration (windows version, driver version, .NET version, etc). Many with problems could use this as a guide to correct something not aparent.

  25. @AndreTM, I've download my mod from internet and see that bug. There are some older files in that pak. No a big problem but I've to put some files to download tomorrow here.

    @Diablow, config file is only for config tool, don't do anything with game. Is for save settings every time you run the tool. I'm writting a new post with instructions for people that can't run config tool.

    @Unknown, config tool runs in windows 7 x64 (my main setup) and in Windows XP 32 bits (my second rig). I hope can find a clue about problems in some computers with help of us.

    @all, as said in 3.0 post, BlackFire and QMod integration will be available soon. I need to fix all problems to avoid do the work 4 times.

  26. i have no problems, win 7 64 bit latest bf3 beta drivers for geforce 580 gtx in sli. i turn on the ultra config but turned off cinema and shadows to 1.5. i also turned off particle shadows and reduced grain filter. all fine so far,

    1.Start My Computer go to Uninstall Ore Change Program and click to Enable Ore Disable Windows Futures.
    2.Serch for Multimedia Components if you disable reenable and restart your computer.If you have enable, disable restart your pc and enable then again restart your pc hope i help and hey maldo Its a great mode :)))

  28. Thank you so much Maldo for all this amazing work. Yes, amazing. I only have this question: is it possible to keep the variable penumbra soft shadows of DX11, so far I lose this effect when I use the mod. Thank you again, and have a nice day!

  29. Grandisimo trabajo Maldo, ahora toca descansar un poco que te lo has merecido.

  30. Maldo Ok my name is MIke I have been posting a lot but my name stays anonymous. Here is the deal.

    1).net framework issue - I thought it was patch that's why I get the exception fault. I tried to install it as a single program. Issue Fixed.
    I was trying to run it solo and did not realize it was to overwrite the original installer.

    Now next problem that it installed just fine is

    2) maldo hd files don't match as expected with the config tool. I have it in the directory as the mod. That's the only issue I have at the moment otherwise I love the mod man great work.

    to all others wanting to use qmod. Use 1.4 because 1.5 is built into the nano suit. I am using it and it works great. Just don't overwrite the info.xml qmod will erase maldo's if you do.

    Best regards - Mike

  31. Hey MaLDo,

    thanks for your amazing work!

    The mod is working great on my rig. Everything maxed (all sliders to the right in the config tool except FOV). Nearly constant 60 fps with my 2 GTX 480 in SLI. :)

    Maximum detail! I'm loving it!

    Greetinx, Djinn

  32. Great mod MaLDo!Couple of problems I've had: At the start of "The gate keepers" I'm seeing some flowers growing out of tiles in a garden bed on the third rooftop near the stairs. Further across the bridge I'm finding some invisible tables and some visible tables at the rooftop cafe. Other than that, it is freaking amazing. How the game should have been released. Thanks again!,

  33. "2.Serch for Multimedia Components "

    I don't have it. Did you mean "Media features"?

  34. There is a poster in the emat tent, Just as you enter the quarantine zone before the hive, which isn't leveled properly. It cuts through metal and is partly transparent. Other than that everything is amazing!

  35. "Configurator says no Quality Mod by ShonE yet? Why, it is available on Crydev. It's important aspect of mod - how long before integration?"

    You can add it by yourself,i dit it and it works like a charm. Just overwrite the level-folders.

  36. ^If you overwrite the level-folders you're deleting over 1000 fixes that are in new maps included in MaLDoHD 3.0

  37. @JayJapan, if you post screenshots I will solve those problems. Thanks.

  38. MaLDo, when will you add BlackFire TOD and the mod by ShonE?
    They're already done, you won't need much time to add them, just place those files and give us the link to integrate them in your mod :)
    Thank you very much

  39. Is shadows with variable pnumbra working? Can someone confirm?

  40. Ouai j'ai réinstaller Windaube , ça remarche

  41. Whoops! I didn't mean "The gate keepers" I meant "dead man walking"! I'm not sure how to show a screen cap because I can't run the mod through steam. Any picture accounts that are easy to setup? But yeah, fall on to the glass ledge at the start of the level, jump to the next rooftop, kill the enemies then jump to the roof top after that and that's where the tile garden bed is. Right by the staircase. Some tables are invisible over the bridge. Not sure if anyone can see these problems. I got 1gb vram btw. I'll try working on getting some screens :)

  42. http://www.flickr.com/photos/68645416@N08/6237278463/in/photostream/lightbox/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/68645416@N08/6237270383/sizes/l/in/photostream/ The two Dead man walking problems (note the floating plates) Cheers!

  43. http://www.flickr.com/photos/68645416@N08/6237293629/in/photostream Seat of power, start of the quarantine zone

  44. Shadows with variable pnumbra are working, as usual.

  45. could you give me an example of pnumbra and shadows in a screenshot maybe?

  46. Lets vote for the best game of the year.So good optimazed so beautiful tessallated textures and parallax.Keep Going Maldo :)))

  47. @JayJapanB, hi, seems you're not alone with looking for bugs syndrome XD. Those flowers are exactly the same in vanilla game. Same for table. Another guy see white textures in originals buildings. And more problems reported that are there in vanilla.

    In fact real bugs are less than I expected. One wall has not material in Road Rage start near helycopter. And someone find transparent door. I'm happy enough, shit with framework crashes for somebody. I will make something about it.

    I look later for that poster. Today I've been far away from cryengine. I'm very relaxed now. XD

  48. hey maldo since my settings are saying extreme in the game can I turn it up to ultra and be fine??

  49. and would it be best to disable the crytek hd texture pack and just use yours??

  50. Don't use ingame options. The mod works this way, every config is extreme for the game, but works as you set in config tool. It's not a bug, is a feature XD

    You can use crytek HD textures or not for less memory requeriments.

  51. Maldo can you tell me what is the visiual diffrence between verry high,extreme and ultra in your option?What effects got a verry high quality for exemple did verry high support all futures in ultra upgrade pack from cryteck?Tnx you man im gonna continued to fight agants the Bad really bad aliens LET THE FIGHT BEGIN :)))))

  52. Those high, very high extreme and ultra are exactly the same that in vanilla game. I put there so all can see what options and slides values for config tool parameters changes in those settings. If you open config tool and set ultra and ok, it's the same that set ultra ingame. Real benefit is you can use recommended settings that are impossible to use before wit good visuals and good performance. For those with highend systems I recommend those recommended settings+ssdo+ssreflections+lod 15+distance view 8, not use ultra.

    Penumbra shadows, who have asked for them?

  53. I mentioned the variable penumbra shadows; I found I could enable them only by using ingame "ultra". Also, if this info can be relevant, "FXAA high" is the only AA option that doesn't give me flickering with my GTX460 SLI; still a lot of jaggies, but that's not your fault! Thanks again, and have some rest after the hard work!

  54. Well done!

    Thank you for your enthusiasm to do such a complex task like the complete overhaul of almost all textures in a game like Crysis 2, were everyone was expecting this (now!) stunning visual quality

    a) from Crytek, and
    b) from the very start (read: "F***ING RELEASE") of that game!

    Even the half-hearted 'HD Patch' looks bleak in comparison to what you did MaLDo. Now I know why I decided to buy a DX11 card and how advanced PC games could look without 'driving with the brakes on' because of consoles. I don't have any problems with consoles, games like "Uncharted" show how advanced they could be when you are developing dedicated for one platform. Nevertheless I am disappointed how a company like Crytek treated their core audience which make this franchise here what it is (was).

    "Even when you are expecting a larger potential at consoles Mr. Yerli, even then you should have shown what is maximum possible in this iteration of the series on the PC! Even only for advertising your engine in the high end range! Yes, even if doing so costs you money and the risk of amortization gets higher!" --> Chance gone!

    Ok, I stop my rant here and instead suggest to everyone to try this mod to see how textured environments can look at the end of 2011 when done right. If you like it like I do, press the "Donate" button afterwards. I did.

    Thanks again.

  55. hey maldo,
    I really appreciate your hard work.

    I have just one question because I am not really sure about that.

    The mod is already DX11 or do I have to install the patch DX11 from crytek? I have patched my game to 1.9 but didnt do the DX11 patching. Should I leave it this way?

  56. When do you post a workaround for people that get

    "ERROR - MaldoHD files dont match as expected"

    when adjusting values with the configurator ???


  57. nevermind.leaving the "use ingame settings" option checked made the configurator work.

  58. @Diablow, please download this test, overwrite exe into mods\MaLDoHDv3 and try again config utiliy. Only difference now is a more specific error message must appear. Thank you.

  59. @Diablow -> http://www.multiupload.com/OLPTZS53UE

  60. Just wanted to say thank you! Got 2x 6970s in my PC from AMD and have no problems at all. The mod is looking fantastic and with the reduce tesseletion option my fps stay at 60 all the time (while imho looking the same).

    Just one question: where do I put Blackfire Mod files when I want to use it together with your mod?

    Thnx again great Job!

  61. @StarKiller, you will find BlackFire integration and instructions here soon.

  62. could you please answer my question too? Ive posted it 4 posts ago..

  63. maldo, my system is gtx580 tri sli.
    Are recommended settings+ssdo+ssreflections+lod 15+distance view8 best for me?

  64. @neamtu, hi. Sorry, there are too many questions here XD

    Requeriments are 1.9 patch and if you want to play in DX11, you have to install DX11 crytek patch too. My mod adds DX11 files, but crytek DX11 patch adds main funtionality.

    Crytek HD textures are optional.

  65. @Anonymous with TriSLI@580GTX, yes, if I had that rig, that would be the configuration that I would use. In a 30" monitor.

  66. Hi I have tried to install your mod, initially with the previous version,which when loaded didn't work as there was loads of graphical corruption/floating objects, when i tried to use latest V3,I couldn't install, saying couldn't find directory, when i tried to manually install, it crashed.

    I followed all the instructions, i have original game

  67. Hi, reinstalled the game, loaded mod, working great now, looking fwd to new v, great work, tx...

  68. @Simplex Download the .dll here: http://de.topdll.com/download/dll/?q=07558a63cdcc6edbfdcf748389b8f67f

    and put it in the same folder as the installer

    Worked for me


    Nice Job :)

  69. Alright, your download link keeps sending me to "The Internet vs. Hollywood" For the love of God, can you upload to MediaFire PLEASE?