Monday, 16 April 2012

Crysis 3 trailer day

... but not yet. Meanwhile


  1. Fountain looks stunning with the new marble!

  2. more than PERFECT!! I love this man!

  3. I'm speechless, this is absolutely stunning!
    Awesome work MaLDo! :)

    I have a quesion: will you add an option to enable he custom ToD of BlackFire MOD? I mean, just the changes in ToD/DoF/conrast/color correction.

    Keep us posted, keep it up :)

  4. Couple of thoughts. The road texture. I know it's a bit late in the stage and the vanilla texture is a blurry mess. However, I kinda like how the original is a bit more even.
    Yours is very detailed yet seems maybe a little rough to be consistent around future New York. The lighting sometimes also comes across as a bit static.

    Hard to explain, just a thought.

    Oh! and my second thing I was going to mention. The lamp on the step seems to shadow the surrounding walls and doorframe yet not itself. Not sure if it is worth your effort or the gpu usage to be that nitpicky though.

    Keep it up! :D

  5. I don't agree for the road texture, it's fine as it is :)

    But I checked the image, and the lamp really doesn't have a shadow... The stairs and the walls have it, but not the lamp itself...

    Is it a bug, MaLDo? Let us know :)

  6. Hi. Lamp is a dynamic prop, can be destroyed and moved, so a faked shadow don't work. Otherwise, the object include a light point, it's not a tube light, so the shadow is an ugly triangle and dont show the legs shadows because the light position is centered into the tube. In addition another triangle shadow appears over the lamp because the opaque top of the lamp. Is not very visual candy. Original lamp neither have shadows and that's the reason.

    About the road texture. I have a few of new road textures. The good point for a texture (imho, I have limited skills and no other experience) is good visual feeling at close, medium and long distyance. I put myself a limit using 2Kx2K textures. All those pixels are necessary for a good (not perfect) road detail. If the texture is used in less distance, can improve detail but pattern effect and medium distance appeal is worse. Bigs problem here are:

    Crytek designers have abused the asphalt_a road texture. There are many places where a few roads overlap in several directions. This makes necessary a road texture where all the surface is similar to avoid strange lines where the overlap is.

    The original texture is very good avoiding pattern effect and in visual variety and appeal in long distance but not good in close distance and only average avoiding joints when overlapping. A perfect texture avoiding joints is a very homogeneus texture and then is a boring texture in mid and long range.

    The perfect solution will be a good medium range with a fine detail layer, but I've did test and when vram is stressed, the engine don't draw detail textures. So it's a problem.

    The asphalt texture showed here has variety in parallax shadows, is perfect avoiding all kind of joints and I've created a no_cracked_asphalt decal for reduce pattern effect in long roads. I'm testing already with others roads.

  7. Thanks for your answer :)
    About the lamp, you're right, I understand :)
    It seems that the CryEngine 3 can't render a real and dynamic shadow, I think that if every single object had a shadow, the game would be too hard to run, am I right?

    As for the texture, it's perfect, I'm sure you'll find a good compromise :)

    Have a nice day, see you MaLDo ;)


  8. Thanks for the info. You've clearly put a lot of thought into it. Once game engines perfect texture streaming it wont be a problem.
    If you have some new ideas that would be cool, but don't worry too much about it. Your current one is great.

  9. Maldo , did you change the FDR Road Texture already ?

    1. New blog entry about FDR Road Texture. XD

  10. Omg the final version is almost ready and only 278874 view that is a shame.Maldo when the mod is ready im gonna put in our contry website whit directlink for download here this mod deserve to be popular.