Monday, 23 April 2012

Knowing FDR

Well, after the commotion in the previous post, I googled for FDR.

Obviously I did not know this area of ​​New York. In fact, I did not know that the level was based on a real zone. My fault.

The original texture, besides having low resolution, had a very small pattern to the cracks. And the cracks are in 3 bands stretched across the texture. I've been seeing pictures of FDR and there aren't so many cracks. I created a new texture (double resolution) without no cracks, and added bump detail layer. Then I'm doing a new decal cracks. I do not know if I will make a new road material to stretch over the asphalt or leave it as seamless decal to be placed randomly. Here I post some of the steps (diffuse, bump mapping, parallax, transparency). Both are "work in progress". Maybe a little less blue and a touch of red in the asphalt diffuse.

Thank you all for the opinions.


  1. Very impressed! I think this is a much better direction for the texture.

    Good looking decal. Great detailed texture. As long as the shape doesn't look to boxy or misplaced I reckon the decal is the way to go. I blends great.

    Are you happy with the texture?

    1. Jay, I don't understand the question.
      I like the new texture. And now I need to find a place for the cracked one. XD

  2. Wow! Yes Maldo, I was one of the ones in the previous post who wasn't sure about your previous bumpy damaged road texture but this new one is exactly right! It looks perfect and I like the way you did incorporate your previous texture in some places - it really looks great now. Very impressive.

    1. Thank you. I am very happy to learn things every day. It is the only goal of the mod.

  3. Ha ha, picture 12! Crysis 2 certainly had lots of 'plotholes' but here I think you mean 'pothole'! ;)

  4. WOW! This is stunning! And other than the new high res textures, I love the way you fix every single glitch (floating shadow, missing shadow, incorrect decals, geometry glitches and so on).

    Great work, you rock! :)

  5. Now it looks great !
    Thank you for listening our opinion to.

  6. Very impressive work! Now it looks just right, and the cracks look nice also.

    Waiting more for this mod than Crysis 3! :D

    Wouldn't be surprised if C2 with this mod would rival C3 in terms of graphical quality. :)

  7. Hi MaLDo! I´m the "Anonymous - Apr 22, 2012 06:19 PM" from previous post, and I´m glad to know that you are listening our opinions and doing your best to upgrade the original Crysis 2 textures. Thank you very much :)

  8. If you could replicate the cracks in the ground in some random spots in the road like in the original that would be fantastic. Becuase I liked that part of the texture even if it was low quality.
    It looked like the road was severely damaged like it is supposed to be. Now it just looks too pristine

    Also: is there a reason why there is a sidewalk/road seperator in these shots now??

    I can definitely appreciate the effort to get rid of the tiling and seams. It would also be nice if the feeling of the style was kept too. Like all the cracks and stuff. We gotta remember the giant Ceph ship type thing was underground in NYC , all the movements of it and the ceph and everything else is why the roads are supposed to be super damaged looking.

    Just a thought.