Friday, 13 April 2012

WIP with smaller concrete barriers

I started working on a texture to the small concrete barriers. I made about 15 pictures to concrete barriers. The one I liked was a cloudy day in the afternoon, which strongly favors the texturing work, because it doesn't shows hard shadows and has better response to engine real-time lighting work. They are also better to create the displacement maps. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough light so when I opened the image I found too much noise. Now I'm using a picture captured during daylight. This is the first test before finish the texture and using original bumpmapping and displacement for tesselation.


  1. Way better than the original, and with a much higher resolution.
    Great work, keep us posted :)
    Have a nice day MaLDo.

  2. Looks amazing as usual, I can't wait until I upgrade.

    Does anyone know how much VRAM Crysis 2 uses on max (DX11 w/ hd texture pack) and how much it uses with this too?

  3. Normal Mapping or whatever it is seems agressive and has compression artifacts or something

  4. @Unknown, maybe is my poor english. Normal mapping and displacement mapping in that screenshot are original from crytek. The shot is a first test where I've only modified the diffuse map.

  5. I know I unfortunately cant run this mod with dual 1gb gtx 460s (I can but it crashes in about three minutes). Not sure if it is the bus/memory speed or the vram size itself. Currently looking at saving to get a HC gtx 680.
    Love your uncompromising level of detail though.
    I'm patient and wouldn't dream of requesting a watered down version.

    Modders have landed jobs at crytek before so keep up the good work ;)

  6. Maldo, did you see they released updated dev tools?

    I thought of you instantly when I seen the news.. just passing it along.

  7. Typical Maldo. Typical BEAUTIFUL! :D

    Thanks maldo for another great update!

  8. Engine nomber one.Im always thinking why not the developments of new games not using cryengine.This engine is the best for me.Even the so popular frostbite 2.0 is so bad.Cryengine got photorealistic graphic and is nomber.

  9. Frosbite 2 has its own perks and is really well optimised which is great due to bf3 being very multiplayer centric.

    Dice were also nice enough to release the game with multisampling aa and good textures xD ....not as good as maldo's of course :)

  10. Man, great work so far! Really, really stunning. It's so good to see you're are back on doin' such awesome art.
    Does the implementation of dx11 into the dev tools change anything of your work? advantages or disadvantages?

  11. I LOVE the Crysis Series but.....
    The Crysis Game series is a GREAT concept overall but the original and warhead were much better games. More in depth, more tense and definitely tougher to beat. Crysis 2 is still a fun game. Great maps, challenges, aliens and weapons