Monday, 23 April 2012

New manhole


  1. Nice picture, can't wait to see it in game :)

    I have a question: do you remember this screen you posted?

    Did you change the buildings? Did you use a new texture, or did you add more polygons to make them look better?

    I'm looking forward to seeing it in a new screenshot of your mod :)

    See you, best wishes ;)

  2. Like the manhole there maldo. Great texture potential. Also, when do you plan on releasing next? :D

    Crysis 3 new trailer

  4. ^I saw it before. I like it. I hope they can fix the problems with AI+animations and the game will be awesome.

  5. Hey maldo,

    Is there any chance or anyway for you to fix the DX11 Depth of Field to apply for the weapon in iron sights and also the near-weapon depth of field present in the DX9 DOF? I love the way the DX9 DOF looks on the gun and whilst in iron sights, but whenever you tweek the DOF it also messes up the motion blur to use a lower spec (the two are tied to a post process cvar in general).

    1. Yes, both are linked to q_shaderpostprocess = 2 I can't investigate too much, I can live with "2" value.

  6. Whatever you do, please continue to give us the option! I've grown to love the Bokeh more than the regular DOF